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Quizzes on table-top role playing games, live action role playing games, and online role playing games (such as "MUD" and "Utopia").
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1 Role-Playing Words and Terms
This quiz is about the words and slang we as players use when discussing role-playing games and in-game situations among ourselves. I have tried to use questions not pertaining to any specific system of RPG, but to only cover more generic terms.
10 Q
Jan 17 08
975 plays
2 White Plume Mountain
A quiz on the classic Advanced Dungeons and Dragons role playing adventure by Lawrence Schick.
10 Q
Aug 22 07
219 plays
3 How to Roleplay
Roleplaying is an online game played by many kids on the internet. This quiz will teach you, or test your knowledge on how to roleplay. It will use specific examples from Erin Hunter's books, 'Warriors'.
10 Q
Oct 02 07
870 plays
4 Are You Ready To Be The Lone Wolf?
This quiz is based on the first book in Joe Dever's choose-your-own-adventure role playing series Lone Wolf. The Lone Wolf series still has a strong following among fans. Like Atari games and Rubik's Cube, it's a blast from the past. Enjoy!
10 Q
Oct 18 07
189 plays
5 "Call of Cthulhu" - Basics
These questions are based on the "Call of Cthulhu 5th edition" rulebook
10 Q
Jul 28 07
309 plays
6 Rifts
A quiz about the tabletop role playing game, Rifts. Join in on a futuristic world where many things are possible, and happen on a daily basis.
10 Q
Aug 15 05
312 plays
7 Rifts Earth
Love it or hate it, Rifts Earth is one of the most bizarre settings in gaming history. Rifts is produced by Palladium Books.
10 Q
Jan 26 12
114 plays
8 The Evolution of MUDs
This quiz deals in the wide variety of online text games that have evolved from the world of muds.
10 Q
Feb 12 03
375 plays
9 Role-Playing Games
Can you identify these tabletop role-playing games? We aren't talking video games here. This is for those gamers who do it the old fashioned way.
10 Q
Apr 06 01
3270 plays
10 D20 SRD Rules
The quiz is all about the d20 SRD used by many role playing games. The SRD is a basic rules set put out by Wizards of the Coast and used in their Dungeons and Dragons game. The SRD is also used by other game publishers as well and has a free licence open
10 Q
Jul 08 07
330 plays
11 Role Playing Games - The Early(ish) Years
Some questions on the earlier years of role-playing, based on my memories of the games I was playing between 1979 - 1989.
10 Q
Jan 26 12
144 plays
12 Vampire the Masquerade: Gehenna
Welcome to this Quiz. This is on the V:TM Sourcebook Gehenna. Happy end of the world!
10 Q
Apr 28 04
258 plays
13 MageKnight
MageKnight is a role-playing game that uses actual figures (game pieces) to battle a friend. Chose from an array of factions and see if you can conquer the realm of MageKnight.
10 Q
Jan 30 03
276 plays
14 "Utopia" - A World Like No other
Here is a basic quiz on the online roleplaying game "Utopia".
10 Q
Jan 12 03
357 plays
15 The Masks of Nyarlathotep
The Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep... the fiend with 999 masks has been making life difficult for humans in the Cthulhu Mythos since time immemorial.
10 Q
Feb 12 12
126 plays
16 GURPS Aliens
My first quiz. Just a little something from my favorite role playing game. I've read it cover to cover, have you? (This is from the first edition)
20 Q
Dec 14 01
261 plays
17 World of Darkness; The Evil that Kindred Do
This quiz is on Evil Kindred and their crimes, numerous as they are. Hopefully you'll find it challenging and intriguing.
10 Q
May 17 04
399 plays
18 Role Playing Games
Think deep and prove yourself a knowledgeable gamer in all things role-playing. The questions below mostly characterize several different game systems, which does not mean you'll have to play through each and every title to answer correctly.
Very Difficult
20 Q
Feb 17 00
2343 plays
19 MageKnight for Beginners
This is a general quiz about the basics of MageKnight (A role-playing game played with actual pieces you receive by buying MageKnight start-up and booster sets).
10 Q
Feb 04 03
264 plays
20 Raiken
This is a quiz that will test you on your knowledge of the Raiken Role-Playing Game. It covers the games rules, history, and everything else Raiken-related.
20 Q
Jun 09 02
336 plays
21 Basic Table-top RPG Knowledge
This is a quiz of basic Role-playing Game trivia. It's mostly based on the White Wolf d10 and the TSR d20 games. Enjoy
Very Difficult
10 Q
Nov 02 02
1125 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* How long is a melee round in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition?
* The World of Darkness was comprised of five core game systems: 'Vampire: The Masquerade', 'Werewolf: the Apocalypse', 'Mage: the Ascension', 'Wraith: the Oblivion' and 'Changeling: the Dreaming'. A recent addition to the World of Darkness series is...
* This system has time and again been ridiculed by the often huge quantity of dice a player has to roll to make a single skill test. We speak of...
* In contrast, one of the following game systems does not use dice at all. Which one?
* Some other systems attempt to find alternatives to polyhedral dice. If you were invited to play 'Castle Falkenstein' (R. Talsorian), at some point you'd probably use...

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