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Nuclear Holocaust at the Movies

Created by spaceowl

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Nuclear Holocaust at the Movies game quiz
"The end of the world has been portrayed many times on screen - how many of these films or TV movies do you recognise? Note - they're not just UK or American."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. It was screened in the USA in December 1983 and showed the effects of nuclear war on the state of Kansas. What was it called?
    The Day After
    When The Wind Blows
    Fail Safe
    Miracle Mile

2. This UK TV play was made in 1966 but instantly banned by the BBC as being 'too shocking'. It was finally shown in 1985, after more recent films on the subject had already been aired. What was it?
    Protect and Survive
    Sound An Alarm
    The War Game

3. Harry is trying to ring his girlfriend from a pay phone in Los Angeles, when he accidentally picks up a call from a desperate man telling his dad that nuclear war has broken out. What is the name of this 1988 film?
    The Desperate Hours
    Shelter Skelter
    Miracle Mile
    Fail Safe

4. It wasn't just the English-speaking world that made films on nuclear war - this 1981 French film showed the effects of war on a small village in rural France. What was it called?
    Jeux de Gloire
    Fort Saganne
    Petit Guerre

5. This UK TV movie was aired in September 1984 and showed the effects of an attack on the city of Sheffield in northern England, through the focus of two families, the Becketts and the Kemps. What was its name?
    When The Wind Blows
    Special Bulletin
    The War Game

6. The last years of the USSR saw the unexpected release of a Russian nuclear war film, shot in black and white and given a limited, arthouse run in the West. What was the English-language name of this forgotten classic?
    Our Own
    Death Every Day for a Century
    Letters From a Dead Man
    Burned by the Sun

7. Nuclear war seems odd fare for an animated movie, but what is the name of this UK cartoon film showing a naive old couple trying to prepare for the holocaust with government pamphlets and vague memories of the Blitz?
    The Final Day
    Last Words
    Against the Dark
    When The Wind Blows

8. This 1983 PBS TV Movie shows the indirect effects of nuclear war on a small town close to San Francisco. What biblically-named movie is this?

9. This 1959 classic based on a book by Neville Shute sees a submarine journey to a shattered and empty USA and a radioactive cloud starting to encroach on Australia. Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner star. What is it called?
    No Highway
    On the Beach
    Pied Piper

10. A nuclear war comedy? Written by Spike Milligan and John Antrobus this absurdist farce starred Dudley Moore, Rita Tushingham and Arthur Lowe and involves people mutating into strange objects after a nuclear war. What is its name?
    Ned's Atomic Dustbin
    The Bed-Sitting Room
    Lurgi Strikes

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