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Beautiful B.C. and Awesome Alberta

Created by revpat

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Beautiful BC and Awesome Alberta game quiz
"We are planning a trip to BC and Alberta and have been doing a lot of reading about all the things we hope to see and do. This quiz takes us along the route we plan to travel."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. We will arrive at Vancouver International Airport. What means of transport might we use to get into the city?
    Sky Bus
    Sky Train
    Sky Boat
    Sky Limo

2. Next morning we plan to explore Vancouver. We want to visit the oldest area which is full of bars and shops and has a famous clock. Which part of Vancouver are we aiming for?
    Old Town
    Wood Town
    New Town

3. Now we get a hire car and drive to the city of Kelowna. It is a long way from the sea but it has a town beach. What lake is Kelowna situated on?
    Okanagan Lake
    Lake Ontario
    Orange Lake
    Lake Victoria

4. Driving up into the Rockies we will come to a town that sounds very expensive. What is the name of the town?

5. We are going to spend a few days in Banff. What is the name of the chemical sounding mountain we hope to climb?
    Potash Mountain
    Magnesium Mountain.
    Calcium Mountain
    Sulphur Mountain.

6. The drive from Lake Louise to Jasper promises to be a scenic high point of the trip. What is the name of the road that we will travel along?
    Jasper Way
    Icefields Parkway
    Alberta Highway
    Glacier Route Highway

7. In or near Jasper you can find a street, a circle and a lake which all share the same girl's name. It happens to be mine so I hope to see them all. What is the name I am looking for?

8. After three days driving we at last get back to the Pacific. What is the name of the town from which we will catch a ferry to Port Hardy?
    Prince George
    Prince Rupert
    Prince Charles
    Prince Phillip

9. After a seventeen hour journey down the Inside Passage we will arrive at Port Hardy. Which island will we be visiting?
    British Columbia

10. Our final journey will be to Swartz Bay to catch another ferry back to Vancouver. On the way to the harbour we will pass a town which has almost the same name as a much bigger city in Australia. Which town will we be passing?

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Compiled Jun 09 14