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Dedicated, Done and Dusted

Created by fontenilles

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : World Records
Dedicated Done and Dusted game quiz
"Dedicated, Done and Dusted! We are about to enter the weird and wonderful "Guinness book of World Records" where human creativity and imagination show no bounds when coming up with bizarre activities to excel at. These are truly dedicated people!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Ashrita Furman is a master at breaking and setting records with over 300 under his belt. He also has a penchant for setting records at famous landmarks. What world record did he set at Stonehenge on July 22, 2003?
    Breaking 80 eggs on his head in 1 minute
    Juggling on a pogo stick, for 4 miles and 30 feet
    Running 5 miles on stilts
    Balancing on a Swiss ball for 2 hours, 16 mins and 2 seconds

2. In 2009, Chayne Hultgren, an Australian street performer, broke the long distance record for pulling 411.65 kilograms (907 pounds) with which part of his body?
    Nostril hairs
    Big toe
    Eye sockets

3. In 2008, Anita Schwarz, from Germany, celebrated the "Guinness World Records" Day by doing what?
    Singing all the songs from "The Sound of Music" while standing on one leg
    Consuming twenty Frankfurters in one minute
    Cleaning her kitchen in one hour
    Carrying the most steins of beer for over 130 feet

4. It's not just humans who set records. Tubby the Labrador's record is so unique that a new category was added in the "Guinness Book of Records". What was the category created for this eco-minded canine?
    "Most bottles recycled by a dog"
    "Most organic manure produced by a dog"
    "Most organic crops grown by a dog"
    "Most street cleaning by a dog"

5. It would be a very boring world if we all thought the same or collected the same things. I'm not too sure how I feel about Graham Barker's collection, but I have to admit it's pretty much a one off! According to the "Guinness Book of World Records", this Australian librarian has the largest collection of what?
    Toe nails
    Underarm hair
    Bellybutton lint
    Tarter from his teeth

6. Laura Dekker became the youngest person to sail around the world single-handed. Why did the "Guinness Book of World of Records" refuse to verify to her record?
    She was not alone as she had her pet dog on board
    They didn't believe she did it
    They didn't want to encourage minors attempting dangerous records
    Her birth certificate showed her to be two years older than she claimed

7. Records are made to be broken. No record is ever truly "done and dusted". Which country broke Northern Ireland's record of the biggest-ever gathering of Santas?

8. Jean-François Vernetti from Switzerland obviously likes his peace and quiet. What signs did he start collecting from hotels in 1985?
    Answer: (Three Words (D,N,D))

9. I would have had problems with this quiz if the "Guinness Book of World Records" had never existed. Who conceived the idea for the book?
    Alex Guinness
    Earl of Guinness
    Sir Hugh Beaver
    Baroness Stout

10. In 1972, a British children's television show inspired by the "Guinness Book of World Records" was first aired. The host, Roy Castle, stayed for over 20 years. During the show he broke several world records himself. Can you name the theme music for the show?
    You Broke My Record!
    Done and Dusted
    Record Breakers

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Compiled Jun 28 12