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"My Little Pony": The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Created by _Tacha_

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My Little Pony The Cutie Mark Crusaders game quiz
"I hope my little quiz will inspire some more quizes for the show "My Little Pony" Friendship is Magic"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is Rarity's little sister?
    Apple Bloom
    She doesn't have a little sister.
    Sweetie Belle

2. Who are Apple Bloom's family?
    Rarity and Sweetie Belle
    Twilight and Spike
    Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo
    Apple Jack, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith

3. Who is Scootaloo's hero?
    Apple Jack
    Rainbow Dash

4. None of the Crusaders have found their talents but the show has hinted at what they are. What is Sweetie Belle's?
    Fashion!! like her sister

5. Which crusader is a Pegasus?
    Sweetie Belle
    Apple Bloom
    none of them

6. Who says "Somepony needs to put this thing out of its misery" in the episode "Stare Master"?
    Apple Bloom
    Sweetie Belle

7. Who did Sweetie Belle try to replace Rarity with in "Sisterhooves Social"?
    Apple Jack
    Pinkie Pie
    Rainbow Dash

8. What was the very first episode in which all three Cutie Mark Crusaders were first shown together?
    Stare Master
    Call of the Cutie
    Friendship is Magic Part 1
    Cutie Pox

9. How do the Crusaders get their headquarters?
    They found it in the orchard
    Rainbow Dash gave them her tree house
    Apple Bloom built it
    Apple Jack gave them her old tree house

10. What is something the crusaders didn't try to do to get their cutie marks in the episode "The Show Stoppers"?
    chicken herding
    underwater exploring
    work as librarians
    mind reading

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Compiled Jun 28 12