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Roman Legion vs. Macedonian Phalanx

Created by Pyrrus

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Roman Legion vs Macedonian Phalanx game quiz
"The clash of the two most powerful armies of the ancient world to this day has historians on the edge of their seats. How well do you know why one triumphed over the other?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Macedonian phalanx had a legendary reputation. It had never been defeated by a non-Greek army. Against which enemy did it have its most significant (and famous) victories?
    The Greek Cities

2. At the time of Macedon's struggle with Rome, the Macedonian soldier, closed in the phalanx formation, was armed with which weapons?
    A long spear, large round shield and short sword
    A long spear and a small round shield
    A long spear,a small round shield and a short sword
    A short spear and a large round shield

3. The Roman army at the time was divided in legions. Legions had four different types of footmen, divided by experience. Which one of these groups was the most experienced?

4. One of Rome's most dangerous weapons was the heavy javelin, or pilum. Which units had this deadly weapon in their arsenal?
    All except Triarii
    Hastati and Principes
    All except Velites
    Velites and Hastati

5. Rome and Macedon hadn't always been enemies, but Macedon had once allied itself with a general, an enemy or Rome, who used war elephants in battle. He had defeated the Romans in Italy and afterwards also fought in Sicily, with great success. Who was it?
    Philip V

6. While invading Persia, Alexander the Great had many battlefields to choose from to fight the great King Darius. The Persian challenged him on a wide, open battlefield, so that he could use his fearsome chariots. Why did Alexander accept this challenge?
    Even if all the advantages were with Darius, he knew he would win
    The phalanx is at its best on open terrain
    He had just as many chariots of his own
    He knew Darius was a coward

7. At the time of the war between Rome and Macedon, in the heat of battle the phalanx was capable of what maneuvers or movements?
    It couldn't move, the phalangites fixed their sarissas to the ground
    It could only move straight ahead, or backwards
    It could perform any maneuver
    It could move in any direction, but not turn

8. This unit, of about 120 men, allowed the Roman army greater flexibility, and gave its officers more space for initiative.

9. The legion met the phalanx on several occasions. What was the usual outcome?
    The phalanx was slaughtered almost every time
    The battles always crippled both sides
    Most times it ended in a draw
    In most battles the phalanx only killed about half as many men as it lost

10. Many factors contributed to Rome's victory over Macedon. Which one of these advantages favored Rome more than any other?
    Larger and better organised cavalry
    The unprecedented use of onagers and ballistas, super effective against dense formations
    Better knowledge of the terrain
    Greater mobility of its infantry

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