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1 Ancient Wars and Warriors
Many wars occurred during Antiquity and all of them had a part in the shaping of the world as it is know. In this quiz, the focus is on ten of them and limited to Europe. Enjoy!
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10 Q
0 plays
2 Fall of Massada
Massada was the last stand of the Jewish rebellion against the mighty Roman Empire. Massada's doom was tragic. See what you know of the events surrounding the incident.
15 Q
Mar 23 04
5994 plays
3 Ancient Weapons
Laser guided bombs? Predator drones? Forget them because ancient warriors used more "face-to-face" weapons. Let's have a look.
10 Q
Feb 14 10
2265 plays
4 Setting the Stage: Ancient Battles
The first of the Setting the Stage series, on warfare from 1300 BC to 500 AD.
10 Q
Mar 08 10
1977 plays
5 Name That Battle (BCE)
From Ancient Egypt to Rome, the ancient world was shaped by epic battles. Here are just a few ... and be warned, the questions are not necessarily in chronological order. Enjoy!
10 Q
Aug 04 05
8436 plays
6 Ancient Warfare
Throughout the ages combat techniques and equipment have changed. Test you knowledge of the equipment, skills and tactics employed by ancients armies.
20 Q
Aug 24 05
3561 plays
7 Antique Battles And Warfare
There was a time that the study of history focused on battles only. Now that the perspective has changed, we might begin to forget that after all victory or defeat in battles DOES matter. Check your expertise.
10 Q
Apr 09 02
6822 plays
8 The Art of War
Throughout history, war has provided the impetus for technological breakthroughs. Many ancient weapons were works of art and being a weapons maker was a high profile profession. Here are some ancient weapons from around the world.
10 Q
Oct 27 14
540 plays
9 Great Battles of the World - Cannae
2nd August 216 BC, Cannae. Test your knowledge of the battle.
10 Q
Aug 18 08
2145 plays
10 Pardon Me, Just Invading Your Land!
King Alexander III (the Great) of Macedon took the legacy of his father King Philip II, secured it, and then expanded it by including a few neighbors. Here are a few questions about his campaigns.
10 Q
Nov 09 13
324 plays
11 Egyptian Campaigns 2
In the previous quiz Pharaoh Seti I of Egypt let the city of Kadesh slip through his fingers. His son, Ramesses II was not about to make the same mistake, but taking on the Hittite empire was not easy. Did he succeed?
10 Q
Sep 20 08
465 plays
12 Egyptian Campaigns 1
More than one ancient Egyptian pharaoh ventured into present-day Palestine to protect his interests. Come along on some of those campaigns!
10 Q
Sep 15 08
579 plays
13 Greatest Roman Generals: Scipio Africanus
This is the first in a Roman generals series. Test your knowledge of the Roman who saved Rome from the mighty Hannibal Barca.
10 Q
Nov 26 11
354 plays
14 Ancient Greek War History
Quiz about the main wars and other things about the wars in ancient Greece. Enjoy.
10 Q
Nov 26 13
402 plays
15 Roman Legion vs. Macedonian Phalanx
The clash of the two most powerful armies of the ancient world to this day has historians on the edge of their seats. How well do you know why one triumphed over the other?
10 Q
Apr 13 12
507 plays
16 Famous Roman Battles I
This is my first quiz. Hope you enjoy it!
10 Q
Aug 28 11
672 plays
17 Ancient Military History
Military history covered from the 700's B.C through the first 1000 A.D.
10 Q
Jun 12 00
6615 plays
18 Famous Roman Battles II
Towards the end of the republic Rome faced a series of difficulties ranging from the Carthaginians to the Greeks and finally, a civil war to rocked her to the core. Test your knowledge of these decisive battles.
10 Q
Sep 08 11
537 plays
19 Second Punic War
My first quiz! It is about the Second Punic War.
10 Q
Feb 04 09
981 plays
20 The Battle of Zama
The critical battle which ended the Second Punic War. See how much you know about this ancient conflict.
10 Q
Sep 13 13
225 plays
21 Hoplites
A quiz on hoplites and things relating to them. This quiz includes questions on the founding, equipment, and so on of the hoplites.
10 Q
Apr 23 07
1839 plays
22 Henry's History "Lessons"
Henry's back! I am on my way to visit with Sir William, the Earl of Warwick's most experienced knight, hoping to learn more about the history of warfare and battles. Sir William knows how to tell a great story! Want to come along?
10 Q
Apr 16 14
426 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* What expansionist people defeated the Kingdom of Israel around 722 B.C?
* The most elite fighting unit of what ancient empire's army was known as the 10000 Immortals?
* In the 300's B.C what son of Macedonian king Philip II spread Greek culture through much of southern Asia by conquering territory nearly all the way to the Indian subcontinent?
* What city state did Rome engage the Punic Wars with in the 200's B.C?
* Who engineered the final defeat of Rome in 476 A.D?

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