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"Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" Season 2

Created by kyleisalive

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Work of Art The Next Great Artist Season 2 game quiz
"Fourteen new artists vied for the chance to become the next great artist in season two of this Bravo reality TV show airing in late 2011. Be bold! Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The inaugural challenge of "Work of Art" season 2, the artists needed to recreate a piece of kitsch art while maintaining their own visual style. Which of these was not an option they could've selected?
    A velvet painting of Gandalf the Grey
    A stained glass image of a bear
    A wood totem pole carving
    A cat figurine

2. Challenge number two forced the artists to work in teams creating individual works around a single unifying theme. Their themes were derived from which of these?
    Interpretive dancers

3. The third task of the season involved Pop Art. What was the twist to this challenge?
    Two artists would receive immunity
    Two artists would be eliminated
    The artists would only have one hour to make the piece
    The artists needed to incorporate a sponsor product

4. For their fourth challenge, judged by Sarah Jessica Parker, the artists paired up with which of these to make art?
    A famous artist
    Each other
    A fashion model
    A local schoolchild

5. In task five, Young won a task involving a "New York Times" article. What was his topic of choice?
    The BP oil crisis
    The disappearance of Ai Weiwei
    Militarization in Afghanistan
    Serial killers

6. For the sixth challenge, the artists paired up to create what type of piece?
    Interactive art
    Performance art
    Street art

7. Which artist was eliminated during the Fiat task (challenge #7)?
    Sarah K.

8. In challenge eight, what did teams need to do to their art to win the task (performed in pairs)?
    Combine it with another physical work
    Recycle it
    Sell it
    Incorporate a fire element to it

9. For their penultimate task, the artists needed to create portraits of people from a small New York town. Which of these materials was not used for one of the works in this task?
    Car parts

10. With their show at Phillips de Pury & Company, which artist won the final challenge of "Work of Art" season 2 to become 'the next great artist'?
    Sara J.

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