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U Is For Someone You May Know

Created by darksplash

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U Is For Someone You May Know game quiz
"Let's see what you know about people with names or titles starting with the letter "U"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. U is for Ursula. The actress Ursula Andress had a busy career, but will be long remembered for a particular scene in a James Bond movie when she walked out of the sea and caught the admiring attention of 007. Which movie was it?
    Diamonds Are Forever
    Dr. No
    You Only Live Twice
    From Russia With Love

2. U is for Utah. Which of these was really a folk singer with that name?
    U Utah John Hurt
    U Utah Phillips
    U Utah Ernie Ford
    U Utah Steve

3. U is for U Thant. Of which organisation was he the leader?
    Chinese Republican Party
    World Wildlife Fund
    International Workers of the World
    United Nations

4. U is for Ulysses S Grant: In which war did the future 18th President of the United States first distinguish himself?
    Mexican-American War
    War of Independence
    American Civil War
    World War 1

5. U is for Umberto Eco, a brilliant Italian novelist. Which of these was probably his most famous novel?
    A Rose by any Other Name
    The Rose of Tralee
    Rescue from the Rose
    The Name of the Rose

6. U is for Uma, as in an actress with the surname Thurman. Which 1994 movie earned her an Oscar nomination?
    Kill Bill 1
    Pulp Fiction
    Batman & Robin
    The Avengers

7. U is for Uri: What type of entertainer was Uri Geller?

8. U is for Usain. Which world record did Usain Bolt set in 2008?
    Long jump
    High jump
    100m sprint

9. U is for Ulrika: How did Ulrika Jonsson first spring to fame on British television?
    Weather presenter
    Reality show winner
    News reader
    Cookery show winner

10. U is for Una: For which British TV comedy was Una Stubbs best known?
    Keeping up Appearances
    Terry and June
    Till Death Us Do Part
    Love thy Neighbour

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Compiled Jun 28 12