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Criminals R Us

Created by Christinap

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Criminals R Us game quiz
"Life consists of opposites. For every goodie there has to be a baddie. See if you can identify this bunch of ne'er do wells from various sources."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The 1970s television series "Alias Smith and Jones" featured which pair of wanted outlaws?
    Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
    Jesse and Frank James
    Johnny Ringo and Billy The Kid
    Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry

2. The one-armed man featured in which television series and later film?
    Starsky and Hutch
    A Touch of Frost
    The Fugitive

3. In the first four books of the series who is the arch enemy of "Bulldog Drummond"?
    Irene Adler
    Carl Peterson
    Captain Hastings
    Fu Manchu

4. "Dexter" is the serial killer we all have a soft spot for. Who does he work for?
    New Orleans City Police
    Florida State Police
    Miami Metro Police Department
    California Police Department

5. Of the following which has not been an enemy of Batman in either film, television or comic book?
    The Scarecrow
    Killer Croc
    Harley Quinn
    Humpty Dumpty

6. "Bad Reputation" by Luke Haines is about which alleged child abuser?
    Errol Flynn
    Jonathan King
    Gary Glitter
    Roman Polanski

7. 'Kefka' is the villain in which video game?
    Final Fantasy VI
    Time Crisis
    Shadow of the Colusses

8. Mad doctors always make a good villain. Who played Dr. Szell in "Marathon Man"?
    Sir John Gielgud
    Sir Laurence Olivier
    Michael Caine
    Richard Burton

9. Who is the evil housekeeper in "Rebecca" who causes the heroine to almost kill herself?
    Mrs. Danvers
    Mrs. Hudson
    Mrs. Bridges
    Mrs. Jones

10. One of the most memorable baddies of book or film is Hannibal Lecter. Who wrote the books in which he features?
    Stephen King
    Dean Koontz
    Shaun Hutson
    Thomas Harris

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Compiled Jun 28 12