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The Last Colony

Created by Rowena8482

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Scalzi, John
The Last Colony game quiz
"How much do you remember about the further adventures of John and Jane, told in John Scalzi's sequel to "Old Man's War"?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When the story begins, John and Jane are farming peacefully on the planet Huckleberry. What is John's "day job"?
    Male midwife
    Village Ombudsman
    Farm vehicle mechanic

2. John's former commanding officer in the CDF comes to offer John and Jane the job of Colony Leaders on Roanoke. Who is he?
    Major Domo
    Commodore Taliaferro
    Admiral Pienkowski
    General Rybicki

3. Zoe has two Obin companions who live with the family and go everywhere with her. What names does she call them by?
    Hickory and Dickory
    Tom and Jerry
    Bill and Ben
    Tik and Tok

4. John's assistant on Huckleberry travels with the colonists to their new world; who is she?

5. What is the name of the spaceship that transports John, Jane, and the rest of the colonists to their new home?
    Vasco de Gama
    Marco Polo
    Christopher Colombus
    Ferdinand Magellan

6. One particular group of the new colonists are especially well able to deal with the primitive conditions and lack of modern technology and power in Roanoke. Why is this?
    They are cyborgs and androids
    They are Mennonites
    Their ancestors were native to the planet
    They are dolphins and whales

7. News reporter Jann Kranjic hides two recording devices about his person. One is in his underwear, but what is the other disguised as?
    His belt buckle
    A diamond ear stud
    A signet ring
    A flag pin in his lapel

8. Zoe's first love is killed in a rocket attack on the colony. Who is he?

9. Once the battle for Roanoke is over, the CDF turn off Jane's BrainPal and tell her she is finally as fully human as they can make her. What makes her believe them?
    She breaks her finger
    She catches a cold
    She gets pregnant
    She can cry real tears

10. True or false? John takes Jane to visit his first wife Kathy's grave on Earth.

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