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The World of Zombies

Created by TheVoiceBox23

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Thematic 10Q Difficult
The World of Zombies game quiz
"Welcome to TheVoiceBox23's Zombie Dead House! Can you answer all the mixed questions about zombies? A wide-variety of questions from movies, TV shows, books, video games and zombie vocabulary."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the movie "Zombieland", what was the number painted on Tallahassee's yellow car door?

2. Walkers, infected, biters... there are a lot of names that can be given to zombies. What is another one that describes zombies?

3. In the TV series "The Walking Dead", Rick Grimes was a police officer.

4. In the book "Flip This Zombie" by Jesse Petersen, what was the powerful/above-average zombie called?
    Muscle Zombie
    Bionic Zombie
    Lab-rat Zombie
    Zombie Hunk

5. In the original "Plants vs. Zombies" computer game, which zombie closely resembled the late Michael Jackson?
    Back-up Dancers
    Dancing Zombie
    Crazy Dave

6. According to the movie "Day of the Dead", what is the effect of bleach poured on a zombie-bite wound?
    Kills bacteria and kills the person
    Removes the germs and avoids transformation
    Slows the zombie infection
    Seals the wound and kills the person

7. "Left 4 Dead" is a zombie-themed horror multiplayer video game. The "L4D" franchise also released a graphic novel/comics. What was the title of the first released graphic novel of "Left 4 Dead"?
    Left for Dead
    The Sacrifice
    L4D: A Graphic Novel

8. The movie "28 Days Later" is about a group of survivors trying to find a safe zone after four weeks of a non-curable spread of a virus. Who's the director of "28 Days Later"?
    Danny Boyle
    Sam Raimi
    Zack Snyder
    Edgar Wright

9. In the movie "Plane Dead", who was the first person mauled by the zombie?
    Fuselage guard
    Tiger Woods
    Flight attendant

10. Who is the famous American film director that has been called the "Godfather of All Zombies"?
    Rob Zombie
    George A. Romero
    Ruben Fleischer
    Steve Miner

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Compiled Jan 22 13