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The Last Stand

Created by habitsowner

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The Last Stand game quiz
"Perhaps you'll go along with me as I look for or discuss the shoes that go to "The Last Stand", Kyleisalive's challenge."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A high-end shoe designer, born in the Canary Islands, has made the stiletto heel his mainstay since beginning his business in London. What is the brand name of his shoes?
    Jessica Simpson
    Tommy Choo
    Manolo Blahnik
    Oscar de la Renta

2. One of the best known songs about shoes must be "Blue Suede Shoes" sung by Elvis Presley. Who wrote the song?
    Elvis Presley
    Paul McCartney
    Tommy Tucker
    Carl Perkins

3. On I read a recipe for "Pommes Pailles". Can you tell me what these are that sound so good, particularly with a nice steak?
    Shoes and Stockings Rutabagas
    Shoe Horn Rhubarb
    Shod Shad
    Shoe String Potatoes

4. In this book, a husband and wife, with their three children, leave war-ravaged London for Southern California to allow the husband to recuperate from a accident in the sunny, warm weather. The middle child in the family is not as talented as are the other two but she does get a chance to appear in a movie. What is the name of this book written by Noel Steatfeild?
    Walking Shoes
    Toe-Dancing Shoes
    Movie Shoes
    Cinema Shoes

5. Every time I think of the little boy of who put his finger in the dike, I think of the Dutch wooden shoe, sometimes called a "clog" in English. What was it called in Dutch?

6. Charlie, a young man has to take over the family's failing shoe business with the death of his father. He has a chance encounter with a drag queen, Lola, who complains about the lack of proper footwear for her work as a cabaret singer. Charlie decides he should try to fill that void, with Lola as the designer. What is the name of this rather unusual movie?
    Kinky Boots
    Cabaret Boots
    Kicky Boots
    Queenie's Boots

7. There is a song written by George Harrison that was released by the Beatles as the B-side to "The Ballad of John and Yoko". It can also be found on their albums "Hey Jude, 1967-1970" and "Past Masters, Volume Two". What is it called?
    The Fireman's Shoes
    Put on Your Dancing Shoes
    Old Brown Shoe
    Whose Shoes are These?

8. A well-known company custom made a pair of cowboy boots for President Harry Truman. What was the name of the company, which features a misspelled animal in it?
    Tony Lama
    Anderson Beare Company
    Roster Cogburn
    Justin Jujube Company

9. This is a French fairy tale wherein the penniless master is helped to gain power, wealth and the hand of a princess in marriage. In French it is known as "Le Maître Chat, ou Le Chat Botté". What is it known as in English?
    The Cat's Golden Shoes
    The Cat and the Shoemaker
    Puss in Boots
    The Deviously Shoo-ed Kitty

10. For the last question, please tell me what a shoe "last" is. Thank you.
    A foot shaped form
    A model of a big toe
    A pair of long-lasting shoelaces
    The left shoe, the last put on

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Compiled Jan 22 13