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There Was No Cane in "Citizen Kane"!

Created by dcpddc478

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There Was No Cane in Citizen Kane game quiz
"The use of the cane or kane has been seen in many types of entertainment, including television, movies, dance and literature. "Cane" you figure out the correct answers?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. On which of the following medical dramas could you see a physician who uses a cane on a daily basis?
    House M.D.
    Marcus Welby M.D.

2. Which British Ruler was known for his love of canes as well as being the very first Tudor King?
    Richard III
    Edward VI
    George V
    Henry VII

3. Why did the fictional character Sherlock Holmes use a cane?
    He lost one leg while serving in the Navy
    He had a bad back
    It was a gun disguised as a cane
    It was in style

4. A Crookologist is a person who collects canes or walking sticks.

5. In 2004 a private buyer paid $92,000 for a cane that belonged to which of the following early screen actors who was known for carrying a cane?
    Lionel Barrymore
    Charlie Chaplin
    Dick Turpin
    Douglas Fairbanks

6. In the movie "Citizen Kane" (1941), actor Joseph Cotten portrayed a character that used a ruby encrusted cane.

7. Which popular liquor is made from sugarcane or its byproducts?

8. If you decided that owning a Cane Corso would be entertaining, what else would you need to obtain?
    Jewelry box
    Dog food
    Pilots license

9. Caneware is a type of stoneware that comes in which of the following colors?

10. The television show "Cane", which premiered on CBS in 2007, starred which of the following black-haired television stars?
    Jack Klugman
    Jimmy Smits
    Raymond Burr
    Hugh Beaumont

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Compiled Jun 28 12