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Take My Wife...Please!

Created by alexis722

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Thematic 10Q Average
Take My WifePlease game quiz
"Behind every great man stands a greater woman? Not always. Please choose the correct wife or husband to 'take' in each question."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. To be honest, I must address the subject of my wife, Mary. To say the least, she is unstable, variously extravagant and stringent, and possibly mad!. If we were wed for eighty seven years I could not tolerate it. Perhaps if I take her to the theater she will be in a better humor. Take my wife... please!
    Mary Taylor
    Mary Todd
    Mary Tudor
    Mary Turpin

2. I was perfectly content to maintain a low profile, but then my nephew, Caligula, was killed and I was chosen to become Emperor of Rome. My first two wives were dispensed with, to be followed by two cruel, scheming harpies. I, Claudius, implore you to take my last two wives...please!
    Persephone and Althea
    Lavinia and Messalina
    Messalina and Agrippina
    Claudia and Lavinia

3. I was an American author during the 'Jazz Age', and wrote several great works. I was named after the man who wrote the U.S. National Anthem; he was a distant relative. My darling and I had a roaring good time, but she became mentally unbalanced. Take my wife...please!
    Zola Fitzgerald
    Xenia Fitzgerald
    Zelda Fitzgerald
    Yselda Fitzgerald

4. Henry the Eighth I am, I am. I was one of the more famous kings of England, and had a rather long, if controversial, reign. My second wife gave me particular headaches, as did my fifth. The third one gave me a son. But you may have the only one that survived being my dearly beloved. Take my sixth wife...please!
    Anne of Cleves
    Katherine Howard
    Katherine Parr
    Katherine of Aragon

5. My wife never listens to me. SO domineering, she always does whatever she wants. When we fled the wicked city she just had to turn around and look back, which was the one thing she was told not to do. Now she's a salt lick! Take my wife...please! O, she doesn't even have a name, so take me!

6. That's odd, my wife doesn't have a name either, and she doesn't deserve one! She claimed that my best servant, Joseph, attacked her so I had to imprison him. I found it very hard to manage without him. Well, take me then...please!

7. My wife was already wed when we met, but I was so smitten with her that I had her husband killed in battle. Take my wife...please!
    Queen of Sheba

8. Don't call me Ishmael! I had her pegged from the beginning, idolatress! How bad was she? Her name is now synonymous for any loose woman. She just had a whale of a time at my expense. Take my wife...please!

9. No matter what you do, you cannot escape your destiny! I did everything I could to avert the prophesy...only to have it all turn out exactly that way! I know I'm supposed to be a figment of someone's imagination, but I coulda been written with a better ending! Take my mother...I mean my wife...please!

10. Fictional people have feelings, too! That 'poet' Homer, made me a leader of men, but he also swiped my wife and she went to Paris, a prize in a contest no less!
Well I got my brother, Agamemnon, to bring his troops with mine when we went to get her back. Take my wife...please!

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Compiled Jan 22 13