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Random "Seinfeld" Trivia

Created by DeepFreese

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Random Seinfeld Trivia game quiz
"This is a fun quiz that will test your knowledge of certain episodes of "Seinfeld". Shouldn't be too challenging if you know your stuff."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What are the names of George's horses at his fictitious home in the Hamptons?
    Frank and Estelle
    Hayward and Slippery Pete
    Woodstock and Chip
    Snoopy and Prickly Pete

2. In the episode "The Race", what is the name of Jerry's old high school nemesis?
    Duncan Fletcher
    Duncan Meyer
    Gerald Meyer
    Michael Duncan

3. In the episode "The Frogger", Kramer's old pal helps George save his high score on his machine. What is the nickname for this old pal?
    Slippery Pete
    Slimy Pete
    Prickly Pete
    Crackly Pete

4. Lloyd Braun is played by how many actors?
    There isn't a character named Lloyd Braun

5. Who is the guy who found the dating loop-hole?
    Tim Whattley
    Todd Gack
    David Puddy
    Lloyd Braun

6. How much money does Kramer say Elaine should put in to enter into "The Contest"?

7. What brand of golf ball is found in the whale's blowhole when George pretends to be a marine biologist?
    Top Flite
    Taylor Made

8. What type of soup does Elaine mock in "The Soup Nazi"?
    Lima bean
    Lobster bisque
    Wild mushroom
    Yankee bean

9. What is the name of the sub shop that Elaine wants to get a free sub at in "The Strike"?
    "Sub"marine Joe's
    Atomic Sub
    Hal's Hoagies
    Sub Shack

10. In "The Mom and Pop Store", who tells George that his car is indeed owned by a Jon Voight, but a periodontist, not the actor?
    Tim Whatley
    The car salesman

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Compiled Dec 29 12