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Counting Elephants

Created by Christinap

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Counting Elephants game quiz
"Counting elephants is hard. Despite their size they can hide really well, but here are ten I found to ask questions about."

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1. Which actor, famous as a 'Naked Civil Servant', starred in "The Elephant Man"?
    Derek Jacobi
    John Hurt
    Laurence Olivier
    Richard Burton

2. Dame Daphne Sheldrick runs an elephant orphanage in which country?
    Sri Lanka

3. Which Spanish artist gave us 'Swans Reflecting Elephants'?
    Jose Caballero
    Pablo Picasso
    Salvador Dali

4. Elephants love to play. Which elephant sport has it's headquarters in Nepal?

5. Based on a novel by Sara Gruen, what was the title of the elephant based 2011 film that starred Reese Witherspoon?
    Just for Elephants
    Cage the Elephant
    Water for Elephants

6. In the story for children what rank is "Babar The Elephant"?
    Prime Minister

7. "Nellie The Elephant" was released as a record in 1956. Which child actress sang the song?
    Shirley Temple
    Mandy Miller
    Bonnie Langford
    Judy Garland

8. The tune "Baby Elephant Walk" was written for which 1962 film?
    The Jungle Book

9. Chris Ofili is known for his elephant dung paintings. Which prestigious art prize did he win in 1998?
    The Emerging Artist Award
    The Turner Prize
    AMI Visual Arts Award
    Liverpool Art Prize

10. An old legend exists regarding a place where elephants automatically gravitate to when it is time for them to die. What was this place called?
    Elephant's paradise
    Elephant's sanctuary
    Elephant's cemetery
    Elephant's graveyard

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Compiled Feb 08 13