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Shooting Games

Created by looney_tunes

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Shooting Games game quiz
"Many video games over the years have involved shooting a projectile of some sort at a target, be it animate or inanimate. Let's explore some of them."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1936 the Seeburg company, better known for their jukeboxes, released the 'Ray-o-Light', an early entrant in the light gun shooter genre of games. What waterfowl did players try to bring down with their light ray?

2. The 1962 game 'Spacewar!' was designed for use on a PDP-1 computer, although it was later made available for some other platforms. Two players try to destroy each other's spaceship, while avoiding being destroyed themselves. What luminous object in the centre of the screen adds complexity to the maneuvers required?
    Black hole
    Alien space ship

3. This game, first released as an arcade video game in 1978 by Taito, has since been adapted for a variety of gaming platforms, including a 1980 Atari version. Players use a laser cannon to shoot alien invaders out of the sky as they drop down the screen, and shoot back. If all the aliens are destroyed, a new batch of them appears, moving more rapidly than before. If they land, the game is over. Do you remember the name of this classic entrant in the shoot-'em-up genre of games?
    They're Coming!
    Aliens vs Monsters
    Space Invaders

4. In 1979, Namco released another arcade shooting game, 'Galaxian', intended to compete with the successful Taito product. Which of these was NOT a feature of this game that made it different from the Taito game?
    The game used three-dimensional images
    It used multi-color graphics
    Alien ships periodically dive bombed the player's ship
    It featured a wrap-around screen

5. The original inspiration for the design of the 1993 Nintendo game 'Star Fox' was a shrine to a Shinto god.

6. 'GoldenEye 007' was released for Nintendo 64 in 1997. Who wrote the books that created the character who was featured in the 1995 movie that inspired this game?
    John le Carre
    Stephen King
    Ian Fleming
    John Grisham

7. In 1999, Nintendo released the first of the 'Super Smash Bros.' series of games. While they are basically a fighting game in which players attempt to avoid being knocked off a platform, some characters use weapons to attack their opponents and throw them off balance. The characters in this game are selected from a range of other popular Nintendo games. Which of these characters uses a cannon, in addition to her signature screw attack, to disable opponents?
    Link, from 'The Legend of Zelda'
    Donkey Kong, from 'Donkey Kong' and 'Mario'
    Samus Aran, from 'Metroid'
    Jigglypuff, from 'Pokemon'

8. In 'Desktop Tower Defense', released in 2007 as a Flash-based browser game, players build towers to shoot at enemies before they can reach their target. What does the playing area for this game look like?
    A medieval jousting field
    A football field
    A galaxy
    An office desktop

9. You start with about a hundred blue dots. When you start a level of play, about a quarter of them turn orange, and your challenge is to shoot balls from the ball-launcher in such a way as to hit as many orange dots (called pegs) as possible with each shot. For what game is this a simplified description of the gameplay?
    Four Elements

10. In 2009, 'Plants vs Zombies' was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems, and has since expanded to a variety of platforms. As a householder, you grow a variety of plants with which to defend your house against the attacking zombies who are intent on eating your brains. Which of these plants does NOT fire a projectile to attack the zombies?
    Pea shooter
    Potato mine

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