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The Planting of English America, Bailey Ch. 2

Created by 3kittyluver3

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The Planting of English America Bailey Ch 2 game quiz
"The questions are based on information available in the second chapter of The American Pageant, Advanced Placement Edition."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who organized the Roanoke colony in Virginia in 1585?
    Sir Walter Raleigh
    John Smith
    King James I
    William Bradford

2. Which Spanish monarch organized the 'Invincible Armada,' which launched an attack on England in 1588?
    Isabella I
    Joanna III
    Henry VI
    Philip II

3. In what year was Jamestown, Virginia established?

4. What was the winter of 1609-1610 called in Jamestown, Virginia?
    The Prosperous Time
    Era of Gold
    The Starving Time
    Dawn of the New King

5. Which Englishman perfected the process of raising and curing tobacco?
    John Rolfe
    William Bradford
    John Smith
    Henry Lee

6. African slaves made up what percentage of Virginia's population by 1650?

7. Which colony was the fourth English colony to be established?
    New York
    Rhode Island

8. What self-government assembly was created in Virginia in 1619?
    The Mayflower Assembly
    The House of Burgesses
    The Jamestown Charter
    The House of Lords

9. What religious act was passed in Maryland in 1649?
    The Catholic Act
    The Quaker Act
    The Meeting House Act
    The Act of Toleration

10. Which of the original 13 colonies was founded by the Swedes?
    North Carolina

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