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The King Is Dead

Created by pollucci19

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The King Is Dead game quiz
"Ace detective Itsmyego And'll Cryifiwanto has assembled his suspects. Your job is to identify them from their hit songs and then find out who killed the King."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the bizarre alternate universe of Hallofame, Elvis Presley lies in a pool of blood with a drumstick through his heart. In his hand he clutches a piece of paper. In the office, Itsmyego (Ego for short) prepares to interview his first suspect.

Ego: Well, what do you know, it's the Duke. Ha! From "Pin Ups" you've gone to being "The Man Who Sold the World". Now, if you want me to go easy on you, you had better 'fess up.

Suspect: "Hang Onto Yourself", Ego. My deepest "Sorrow" to the victim and his family, but "Breaking Glass" here would be "Rock & Roll Suicide" and I'm not one of your "Diamond Dogs".

Who is Ego's first suspect?
    Mick Jagger
    Trent Reznor
    Freddie Mercury
    David Bowie

2. Ego: OK Boy Blue it's time to blow your horn.

Suspect: Yeah I am "Kind of Blue" ain't I? But I'm hard bop man, a real "Bitches Brew". I tell ya man I'm "Cookin", I'm "Steamin" and, "In a Silent Way" I'm "Relaxin". Drumsticks are not my scene dude "I'm the Man With the Horn".

Who's claiming not to be Ego's whistleblower?

    Miles Davis
    Charlie Parker
    Chubby Checker
    Duke Ellington

3. Ego: Boom-chicka-boom! Ebony, that colour suits you man but I'll tell you now, if you can't come up with a decent alibi you'll be seeing a lot more of it.

Suspect: You got to "Understand Your Man" Ego. Mama told me "Don't Take Your Guns to Town" and I listen to my Mama. "I Walk the Line" Ego, "It Ain't Me, Babe".

Who is Ego's suspect that is claiming innocence?

    Bob Dylan
    Johnny Cash
    Waylon Jennings
    Glen Campbell

4. Ego: OK Riley, you got your prints all over Hallofame, what's your story?

Suspect: Hey detective, I just "Shake It Up and Go" man. I'm not "The Evil Child". Don't "You Put It On Me" or before you know it "The Thrill is Gone". "How Blue Can You Get Man"?

Who is this suspect called Riley?

    BB King
    Blind Lemon Jefferson
    Muddy Waters
    T-Bone Walker

5. Ego: You sure ain't a pot of gold blondie but I've still got you where I want you, now squeal.

Suspect: Don't you try to "Play Me" Ego, I've heard your "Longfellow Serenade" too many times before, "If You Know What I Mean". "I am ... I said" and, unfortunately for you, you're "The Last Thing on My Mind".

Who's the man who's listened to Ego's "Longfellow Serenade"?

    Sam Cooke
    Paul Anka
    Gene Pitney
    Neil Diamond

6. Ego: George, George, George .... why'd you do it man?

Suspect: You've been "Too Long in Exile" and you're on the wrong "Wavelength" Ego. It wasn't me, it was them. Me, I've found "Enlightenment" man. I'm on the "Bright Side of the Road" "Cleaning Windows" man.

Who is this man that is on the "Bright Side of the Road"?

    Marvin Gaye
    Bob Geldoff
    Herb Alpert
    Van Morrison

7. Ego: OK Hercules ... spill the beans.

Suspect: "Blue Moves" Ego. All you'll end up making here is a "Tumbleweed Connection". You're "Sleeping With the Past" if you think that I am "The One". Remember, I am "The Fox", like it or not.

Who is "The Fox"?

    Billy Joel
    Tom Waits
    Elton John
    Richard Carpenter

8. Ego: Bugs to "Bangla Desh", so you're the one they call "The Quiet One". How handy are you with a drumstick?

Suspect: Oh "Wah-Wah" the King is dead! "Isn't It a Pity" but, you know, "All Things Must Pass". "Ding Dong Ding Dong" "What is Life"? It's "True Love" man, "It's What You Value".

Who is Ego's suspect searching for the meaning of life?

    John Lennon
    Ringo Starr
    Paul McCartney
    George Harrison

9. Ego: No "Easy Skanking" here "Natty Dread". "Three Little Birds" told me you killed the King.

Suspect: "Judge Not" Ego man. "I Shot the Sheriff" but I did not kill the King. "The Sun is Shining" and I sing the "Redemption Song" now. I think that you "Turn Your Lights Down Low" and you missing something man.

Who is this man who shot the sheriff?

    Peter Tosh
    Jimmy Cliff
    Desmond Dekker
    Bob Marley

10. With the reggae master's words ringing in his ears Ego returned to the scene of the crime. It took an effort to draw his eyes away from the drumstick in the King's chest and he soon spied the piece of paper clutched in the victim's hand. He retrieves it and notes a single word on it, "Lucille". Immediately he starts to hum the killer's song. Which of the following songs was passing his lips?

Sorrow. Kind of Blue. Ring of Fire. The Thrill is Gone. Longfellow Serenade. The Fox. What Is Life. Redemption Song.
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