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Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Various Books

Created by carboncat

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Susan Elizabeth Phillips  Various Books game quiz
"Questions about various books of Susan Elizabeth Phillips. She is one of my favorites!"

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1. In "Nobody's Baby But Mine", how old was Dr. Jane Darlington when she started college?

2. In "It Had To Be You", Ron McDermitt tells Cal that women seem to think he looks like which movie star?
    Russel Crowe
    Brad Pitt
    Tom Cruise
    Charlie Sheen

3. Which movie studio hires Gracie Snow to escort Bobby Tom Denton to the set in "Heaven, Texas"?
    Rainbow Studios
    Windmill Studios
    Cloudburst Studios
    Mill Stream Studios

4. In "This Heart of Mine", what is the name of Molly's poodle?

5. In "Dream a Little Dream", Edward Stone has a stuffed toy he has carried everywhere since he was a baby. What kind of toy is it, and what does he call it?
    a horse named Bear
    a cat named Rabbit
    a bear named Cat
    a rabbit named Horse

6. In "Natural Born Charmer", Dean Robillard compares Blue Bailey's eyes to which of these?
    Butterscotch candies
    Lime Starbursts
    Snickers bars
    Grape lollipops

7. In "Match Me If You Can", Heath Champion was supposed to marry Julie Ames Shelton on a holiday. What holiday was it?
    Valentines Day

8. In "Kiss An Angel", what kind of animal falls in love with Daisy?
    a dancing dog
    a performing tiger
    a circus horse
    a baby elephant

9. In "Honey Moon", Honey thinks that riding what roller coaster will make a person want to be alive and live everyday to the fullest?
    White Lightning
    Black Thunder
    Thunder and Lightning

10. In "Breathing Room", what fake name does Ren Gage use?

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