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All About Dogs

Created by xxWoofWoofxx

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Cats and Dogs for Kids
All About Dogs game quiz
"This is a quiz for children all about dogs."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How old should a puppy be before he can be away from his mother for good?
    8 Weeks
    3 Weeks
    1 Week
    2 Weeks

2. Where would be best to socialize your new puppy?
    A park or beach with lots of animals and people
    A busy street
    All of these
    A puppy socializing class

3. What should never be fed to your dog?
    Canned dog food
    Liver Cake
    Little bitesize meaty treats made especially for dogs

4. What should be one of the questions to ask yourself and your family when planning on getting a puppy?
    What if he eats my toys?
    Will I be able to give him love, time and supply him with everything he needs for his life?
    What if I find picking up poo too disgusting?
    What if I can't pick a name?

5. Would the fun, loving, active flat-coated retriever be best in apartment living?
    No; They need space, big gardens and many walks for their energy
    No; Unless it's at the bottom so he can take himself for walks
    Yes; They'll just curl up all day asleep and won't need walks
    Yes; He'll get used to it

6. Dalmatians were originally used for what activity?
    Running alongside carriages
    Herding (cattle and flocks of sheep)
    Pulling sleds (mushing)
    Guard dogs

7. What breed of dog has trouble swimming?
    Basset Hounds

8. Who invented the world's biggest dog show, Crufts, in 1891?
    Queen Victoria
    Charles Cruft
    No one; it doesn't exist
    A team of dog experts who thought the British should have a dog show

9. Where did Staffordshire bull terriers originate?
    Staffordshire, South West England, UK
    Staffordshire, The Midlands, UK

10. Here's a tricky last question: What is unique about the Chow Chow and Shar Pei?
    They originated in an undiscovered island but swam to shore where they were bred from
    Their thick, dense, fluffy coat
    Their blue/black tongues
    They don't have a tongue

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Compiled Sep 12 12