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The Parthenon

Created by jeristep656

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The Parthenon game quiz
"Enough of the Parthenon stands today to give us a view of the architecture of the Classical period of Greece. The Parthenon is emblematic of the civilization that planted the seed of democratic ideals. "

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1. The Parthenon is found in Athens, but what is the name of the site on which it stands?
    The Acropolis
    The Agora
    The Plaka
    Lycabettus Hill

2. There are three main styles of architecture used in the building of Classical Greek structures. The Parthenon is largely an example of which style?

3. The city of Athens is replete with ancient temples honoring various Olympian deities. The temple in the Parthenon honors which Greek deity?

4. In ancient times, architectural structures of great size and import were often aligned with celestial objects or groups. With which of the following is the Parthenon aligned?
    The Pleiades
    The Hyades

5. Mounted high on the exterior walls of the Parthenon was a series of 92 metopes, marble panels carved in high relief. Fifteen of these were removed from the east wall and taken from Greece by Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin, who sold them to the British Museum. An English Romantic poet wrote a sonnet in their praise. Who was that poet?
    John Keats
    George Gordon, Lord Byron
    Percy Bysshe Shelley
    William Wordsworth

6. The Parthenon was converted to a Christian church in the 6th century C.E. To whom was it dedicated?
    St. Basil
    St Philomena
    The Virgin Mary
    St. Paul

7. The Greeks have been negotiating for the return of the Elgin Marbles and other artifacts looted from the Parthenon in the 18th and 19th centuries. This initiative was promoted by the Greek well-known Minister of Culture. Who was she?
    Nana Mouskouri
    Elena Souliotes
    Christina Onassis
    Melina Mercouri

8. The Ottoman Turks invaded Athens and, in 1458, captured the Acropolis. Before the end of the 15th century the Parthenon had become a mosque. Throughout all this the structure had remained essentially intact. However, in 1687, the Parthenon was devastated when the building was attacked by the forces of which city-state?
    The Papal States
    The Grand Duchy of Tuscany
    The Republic of Venice
    The Duchy of Parma

9. Reconstruction of the Parthenon is a huge undertaking that is a long term commitment. Which of the following organizations has been a major source of funding?
    The European Union
    Pan-Hellenic Conference
    Greek Orthodox Church

10. It is widely believed that the design of the Parthenon and production of the interior statuary was directed by the sculptor Phidias. Most archaeologists believe that he was the sculptor of the massive statue Athena Parthenos, or Athena the Virgin. Who do most classical scholars believe provided the political leadership actually to build the Parthenon?

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