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"Abarat" by Clive Barker

Created by Skyflyerjen

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Abarat by Clive Barker game quiz
"This quiz will test how well you know the book "Abarat." This young adult book by Clive Barker will take you away into the depths of fantasy and worlds unknown!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Why were all boats in the Abarat painted red?
    It was the law
    For protection
    To please The King, who loved the color red
    It was just coincidence

2. How many heads did John Mischief possess?

3. How much money did Candy give to Izarith?
    Sixteen dollars
    Fifty cents
    Eleven dollars
    Ten dollars

4. What type of creature abducted Candy from the printing press?
    A gorilla
    A tiger
    A moth
    A dragonfly

5. What was Kaspar Wolfswinkel wearing when he met Candy?
    An all-black suit with a purple tie
    Only a pair of swimmer's trunks
    A traditional doctor's outfit
    Several hats with a yellow suit

6. Which of the following was not an animal in the story?
    Tarrie cats

7. Where did the crew of the "Belbelo" land?
    7 o'clock in the Morning
    5 o'clock in the Morning
    3 o'clock in the Afternoon
    4 o'clock in the Afternoon

8. There was a terrible storm. What happened after the monsoon arrived?
    A large rainbow filled the sky
    Plant life prospered at an alarming rate
    John Mischief passed away
    A large dragon appeared

9. What would be the best description of the Fugit Brothers?
    Lost souls kept under a spell
    Loyal musicians
    Protectors of the Princess
    Killer clowns

10. How was each of the three women in the Twenty-Fifth hour described?
    Hatred, anger, frustration
    Land, sea, sky
    Earth, fire, water
    Lightning, sky, wilderness

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