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Sir Robert Carey - Adventurer and Courtier

Created by Radain

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Sir Robert Carey  Adventurer and Courtier game quiz
"Sir Robert Carey (1560-1639) wrote a vivid first-hand account of the Spanish Armada, policing the violent Scottish border, the death of Elizabeth I, and life at the Stuart Court."

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1. In 1587 Robert Carey was sent as an envoy to King James VI of Scotland. What event made it unsafe for him to cross the border into Scotland?
    Scotland had declared war on England.
    The was a major outbreak of the plague in Scotland.
    The English had recently executed Mary, Queen of Scots.
    King James had just passed a law forbidding any English visitors.

2. The next year, in 1588, Carey went to sea to fight the Spanish Armada. All the options below contributed to the Spanish defeat, but which of them sank the most ships?
    The Spanish plans, tactics and communications were inadequate for a major invasion.
    The English ships were faster, more manoeuvrable and better armed.
    The storms that drove many of the Spanish ships on to Scotland's west coast.
    The English attacked the Armada with fire ships.

3. The next summer, Carey describes walking from London to Berwick (350 miles) in 12 days. Why did he do this?
    Queen Elizabeth made him do it as a punishment.
    It was a religious penance.
    He had inherited some land, but couldn't afford to ride there.
    He did it to win a 2,000 bet.

4. In 1589 an English army went to fight alongside the French against the Spanish. While serving in this army Robert Carey was knighted by the Commander-in-chief, the Earl of Essex. What did he do to merit this?
    Carey had saved Essex's life.
    Essex was in disgrace for disobeying orders and he wanted to thank Carey for defending his reputation at court.
    Carey had fought with exceptional bravery.
    Essex wanted to promote Carey to a rank that only a knight could hold.

5. Sir Robert Carey left court in 1593 to become Deputy Warden of the West March in Carlisle. Why was this dangerous?
    The Warden was his sworn enemy.
    Carlisle was notoriously unhealthy and most wardens died within a year.
    If he wasn't at court, he could become a victim of court intrigues.
    The Wardens policed the Scottish border, which was lawless and violent.

6. Shortly after going to Carlisle, Carey fell out of favour with Queen Elizabeth. How did he offend her?
    He abandoned his post at Carlisle.
    He got married.
    The Scots accused him of cattle rustling.
    He killed the Mayor of Carlisle in a duel.

7. Sir Robert Carey spent ten years on the Scottish border, but he was at court when Elizabeth died in 1603, and he gives an eyewitness account of visiting her during her last illness. What did the Queen say to him?
    She was determined to recover, and disliked all the fuss everyone was making.
    She asked Sir Robert's forgiveness for keeping him away from court for so long.
    She knew she was dying, and named James of Scotland as her heir.
    She was unwell, and her heart had been sad and heavy for ten or twelve days.

8. Sir Robert Carey is best known for what he did as soon as Queen Elizabeth died. What was this?
    He rode to Edinburgh to be the first to tell King James that he was King of England
    He tried to seize the throne and become king.
    He organised Elizabeth's state funeral.
    He fled the country, because Elizabeth could no longer protect him from his enemies.

9. If Carey hoped King James would reward him, he was disappointed. What unpromising role was he given two years later that ultimately made his fortune?
    To look after the Duke of York, King James' sickly four year-old younger son.
    To salvage treasure from the wrecked Armada.
    To become the Ambassador in Spain.
    To construct a proper road between London and Edinburgh.

10. As Prince Charles grew older, other courtiers lined up to take Carey's place. Which of his abilities earlier in life proved to be most useful to him in retaining his now sought-after position?
    His extravagant lifestyle and dress sense.
    His courage and ability in battle on land and sea.
    His experience of policing and defending the border.
    His stamina for long-distance running and riding.

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