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Georgia's Native Americans

Created by iwishiknew

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Georgias Native Americans game quiz
"The state of Georgia has a rich and diverse Native American history going back thousands of years. Many of the sites in the questions and answers are now Georgia State Parks or Historic Sites."

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1. James Oglethorpe was the founder of the colony that became the state of Georgia. Upon his first arrival near Savannah, what chief of the Yamacraw tribe did he meet with (and eventually become good friends with)?

2. When Europeans first arrived there were two major tribes that controlled most of what is Georgia today. Who were they?
    Yamacraw and Creek
    Cherokee and Seminole
    Creek and Cherokee
    Creek and Chattahoochee

3. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, there were Native Americans known as "Mound Builders". There are several prominent sites where mounds built by these people still exist and are protected. Which of the following is NOT a Mound site?

4. In the 1829 gold was discovered in North Georgia, resulting in the eventual removal of the Cherokee Indians from their land in Georgia. What city, named for the Cherokee word for Yellow, was the center of the Gold Rush?

5. A prominent Creek Indian chief, born to a European father and a Creek mother, signed two different treaties ceding Creek lands to the State of Georgia. He was subsequently murdered by members of his tribe who considered it a betrayal. What was his name?

6. In what Georgia town were the treaties signed that ceded much of the Creek Indian lands to the state?
    New Echota
    Indian Springs

7. What was the name of the capital of the Cherokee nation located in what is now Georgia?
    New Echota
    Old Nacoochee

8. Considered the richest man in the Cherokee nation, what chief built a beautiful brick mansion near Chatsworth, GA in 1804?
    Major Ridge
    John Ross
    James Vann

9. What is the name of the North Georgia mountain that has a mysterious stone wall that was built around its summit by ancient Native Americans?
    Brasstown Bald
    Stone Mountain
    Fort Mountain
    Kennesaw Mountain

10. What old road that followed Cherokee trading paths shares its name with a state park near Helen, Georgia?
    Cherokee Road
    Sautee Trail
    Warriors Path
    Unicoi Turnpike

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