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Endangered: The Unique Kakapo Parrot

Created by dcpddc478

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Endangered The Unique Kakapo Parrot game quiz
"The Kakapo parrot is one of the world's most unusual birds. It has taken a very unusual trip down the road of evolution. It is very close to being extinct. Let's learn about this remarkable bird."

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1. Which country is home to the critically endangered Kakapo parrot?
    New Zealand

2. The word 'kakapo' is a Maori word that means which of the following?
    Night parrot
    Smelly parrot
    Crying parrot
    Fish parrot

3. Which of the following statements about the Kakapo parrot is true?
    It is the only parrot that hunts underwater
    It is the only orange billed parrot
    It is the only flightless parrot
    It is the only parrot that gives birth to live young

4. Other than man, which of these animals played a large role in the population decline of the Kakapo parrot?

5. If you went looking for a Kakapo's nest, where should you be looking?
    On the ground
    Inside caves
    Up a banyan tree
    On a telephone pole

6. As with most birds, the Kakapo has more than one color of feathers. But what lucky color is the primary hue of this magnificent bird?

7. What is the Kakapo's main defense?
    Biting with a razor sharp beak
    Uses its sharp talons
    Sits perfectly still
    It sprays venom from its mouth

8. Which of the following best describes the build of the Kakapo?
    Long slender legs with long trailing feathers
    Slender with long wings
    Large, and round with short wings
    Tiny with long pointy beaks

9. The main source of food for the Kakapo parrot are the myriad varieties of snakes and lizards that live in its habitat.

10. Kakapo mate for life and if one partner dies, so will the other.

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