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Unlucky Ducky

Created by TemptressToo

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Unlucky Ducky game quiz
"You've all known some "Lucky Ducks," in your lifetime, as have I. But these individuals are quite the opposite."

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1. This scourge of God pillaged his way across Western Europe, eventually going toe-to-toe with the mighty Roman Empire. He was quite lucky that the majority of the Roman forces were embattled elsewhere, but an unlucky ducky when he drowned in his own nosebleed.
    Attila the Hun

2. This talented illusionist led a lucky life escaping from locked compartments and straightjackets. However, he became an unlucky ducky while working on yet another spectacle, asking to be purposefully punched in the stomach (usually appearing unfazed). One unlucky punch allegedly resulted in a ruptured appendix and death at age 52.
    Harry Houdini
    Harry Kellar
    Doug Henning
    Harry Blackstone, Sr.

3. Beloved of the masses as an artist and performer, this mother of modern dance found great luck and success in expressing herself freely. Sadly she became an unlucky ducky with an early end when a gorgeous hand-painted scarf she was wearing became entangled in the spokes of the vehicle she was riding in, breaking her neck.
    Anna Pavlova
    Isadora Duncan
    Martha Graham
    Katherine Dunham

4. This Australian spent a lifetime taking chances within the jaws of death, any jaws of death ... crocodile, snakes and sharks, tempting fate time and again. As irony sometimes happens, a typically harmless stingray brought this unlucky ducky to a premature end with the tip of its barbed tail during a film project in Queensland.
    Steve Irwin
    Jeremy Wade
    Jeff Corwin
    Marlin Perkins

5. This blushing sleuth made a name for himself chasing famous outlaws all over the Wild West. With a bit of luck, he found success tracking outlaws such as Jessie James and Butch Cassidy, in addition to any other known affiliates or hideouts of the gangs. Odd that such a consummate professional would become an unlucky ducky, allegedly dying of an infection after tripping and biting his own tongue.
    Edward Rucker
    James McParland
    Frank Miller
    Allan Pinkerton

6. Best known for starring in ABC's "Combat!" as Sergeant "Chip" Saunders, a World War II series that ran for five years, this actor turned his success in that series into a career of steady television show appearances. Stunningly and ironically, this unlucky ducky met an unfortunate end on the set of the movie "The Twilight Zone," when a freak accident resulted in him being killed by a helicopter crash.
    Jim Croce
    Daniel Balavoine
    Vic Morrow
    Berry Berenson

7. This Ohio member of the U.S. House of Representatives for two terms, was the leader of the Copperheads and an outspoken supporter of states' rights. However, it was as an attorney where he had the best shot, including being one of the interrogators of John Brown. He became my next unlucky ducky when a trial exhibit went horribly wrong as he shot himself recreating the circumstances of a shooting. His client was acquitted, but he did not survive.
    Clement Vallandigham
    Amos Green
    Thomas Ewing, Jr.
    Abraham Lincoln

8. This multiple Pulitzer Prize winning playwright wrote brilliantly, with masterpieces such as "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof", "The Glass Menagerie", and "The Rose Tattoo." However, he wasn't so lucky in that his success led to the vices of drugs and alcohol. Even success couldn't save this unlucky ducky and he met his end choking to death on a bottle cap.
    William Inge
    Tennessee Williams
    William Faulkner
    Flannery O'Connor

9. Spending most of the 1960s starring in romantic comedies (or dramas), this king rose from poverty-stricken roots in Tupelo, MS. It wasn't until he moved to Memphis at age 13 and took some guidance from the Colonel that his controversial style translated to fame. He joins the list of unlucky duckies when his poor health choices paid off, resulted in his death ... on the toilet.
    Orville Redenbacher
    Claude Francois
    Elvis Presley
    Jim Morrison

10. The youngest of ten children of Welsh-Scottish immigrants, this king of Tennessee whiskey built his fortune in the bosom of a white oak barrel. His work was his life, as he never married, preferring instead to mentor a favored nephew who eventually inherited his company. He became the last of my unlucky duckies, dying from blood poisoning stemming from him kicking a safe in anger of it not opening.
    Bill Samuels, Sr.
    James Beauregard Beam
    Jack Daniel
    Pernod Ricard

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Compiled Dec 11 12