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Confederate Lingo [1]

Created by beterave

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : U.S. Civil War
Confederate Lingo 1 game quiz
"These Rebs had some strange ways of expressing themselves. Here are some of these unique expressions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. During the Civil War, every Confederate infantryman was required to have '40 dead men' before going into battle. What were '40 dead men'?
    A full cartridge box
    Forty dollars
    Life iInsurance
    A blanket roll, haverack and canteen

2. You're a veteran of Antietam and have seen your share of minor skirmishes. What would you call a brand new regiment with untried recruits?
    Fresh Fish

3. "Ole Jimboy just got mustered out yesiday". What probably happened to Ole Jimboy?
    He was killed
    He was wounded
    He deserted
    His enlistment expired

4. The 8th Tennessee was full of 'pie eaters'! What were 'pie eaters'?
    City boys
    Ex slaves
    Country boys

5. Who was someone who was wearing 'chicken guts' on their sleeves?
    A coward
    A prisoner
    A cook
    An officer

6. What did the men call the despised tarred knapsack?
    A mule pack
    A beehive
    A housewife

7. During the Civil War, what were 'lucifers'?
    A branding iron
    A smoking pipe

8. What did it mean to 'open the ball' on someone?
    Fall in for inspection
    Going to a dance
    Start a fight

9. When someone 'skedaddled', what did they just do?
    Have some grub
    Ran away
    Got promoted

10. If it were payday and you were headed to 'robbers row', where were you headed?
    To see a 'laundress'
    To see your company commander
    To a card or dice game
    To see a sutler

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