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Created by Ashrooms

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Bayonetta
Bayonetta game quiz
"A quiz for the video game "Bayonetta" since there aren't that many. I've only played the Xbox 360 version, so I'll be referring to information I know."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the game, there is a little girl named Cereza that you meet as Bayonetta. Later in the game, you find out something about her. What do you find out?
    She is Bayonetta's daughter
    She never ages and has lived for a long time.
    She is Bayonetta as a child
    She is Luka's daughter

2. Enzo's car appears in the beginning of the game. He's very protective about it and gets very upset when it gets crushed. What is on the license plate of Enzo's car?
    We never see Enzo's license plate
    It's a standard license plate

3. When finding Cereza, Bayonetta says there are two things she hates. One of them is crying babies, which is the other?

4. Bayonetta has an assortment of varied weapons with unique capabilities. Including those unlocked by collecting the LPs but NOT buying the copies in the Gates of Hell, how many weapons does Bayonetta have?

5. In the Gates of Hell, there is an item for purchase called the Platinum Ticket. You'll need to buy the ticket for one million halos to get it. After it's bought, who can you fight?
    Queen Sheba
    Jeanne as Madame Styx
    Rodin as Father Rodin
    Balder as The Infinite One

6. When Luka is talking to Bayonetta, he mentions something about a few women who he's involved with. Their names are in fact references to Capcom video games, but what are their names?
    Sylvia, Trish, Jill, and Lady
    Lady, Claire, Ammy, and Sylvia
    Claire, Jill, Trish, and Ammy
    Ammy, Trish, Claire, and Sylvia

7. Some things were changed while making the game, this can be seen in the concept art while browsing the extras section when beating the game. Something that changed was Rodin's name. Instead of "Rodin", what was his original name?

8. On Bayonetta's hair are a couple of ribbons, one of which she gives to little Cereza. Looking closer, there are some strange symbols on them. What do these symbols mean?
    It hasn't been revealed yet
    They're just decorations

9. It is possible to play as Jeanne instead of Bayonetta by getting Platinum trophies on the Normal levels or higher. However, while her weapons are practically the same as Bayonetta's, they're different in name. Which one of these is NOT one of Jeanne's weapons?
    Angel Slayer
    Ivory Roses

10. Bayonetta's iconic weapon is the Scarborough Fair. There are four guns, two for hands and two for feet. On each gun is the name of an herb and a gem. Which is the correct herb name and gem color for each hand and foot?
    Right Hand: Green & Parsley; Left Hand: Red & Sage; Left Foot: White & Thyme; Right Foot: Blue & Rosemary
    Left Hand: Red & Rosemary; Right Hand: Green & Parsley; Left Foot: White & Sage; Right Foot: Blue & Thyme
    Left Hand: White & Rosemary; Right Hand: Red & Sage;Left Foot: Purple & Parsley; Right Foot: Green & Thyme
    Left Hand: Blue & Sage; Right Hand: Red & Thyme; Left Foot: Purple & Rosemary; Right Foot: Green & Parsley

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Compiled Dec 18 12