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From "Animal Crossing" to "Conker's Bad Fur Day" and everything around and in between, this page should direct you to the Video Game quizzes you're looking for under the letters A, B, and C.
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folder Ace Attorney Games (20) folder Ace Combat Games (3)
folder Advance Wars (8) folder Adventure (3)
folder AdventureQuest (8) folder Aerobiz Supersonic (2)
folder Age of Empires (14) folder Age of Mythology (9)
folder Agent Under Fire (3) folder Aidyn Chronicles (8)
folder Alan Wake (2) folder Alpha Centauri (2)
folder Amplitude (2) folder Angry Birds (2)
folder Animal Crossing Games (42) folder Arc the Lad (6)
folder Assassin's Creed (20) folder Baldur's Gate (6)
folder Banjo-Kazooie Games (69) folder Baten Kaitos (7)
folder Batman Video Games (9) folder Battlefield (7)
folder Bayonetta (3) folder Beyond Good and Evil (3)
folder BioShock (13) folder Bloodrayne (2)
folder Bloody Roar (3) folder Bomberman Games (3)
folder Borderlands (14) folder Boy and His Blob, A (2)
folder Breath of Fire (8) folder Broken Sword Games (2)
folder Brothers in Arms (4) folder Buffy Video Games (2)
folder Bug's Life, A (2) folder Bully (8)
folder Burnout Games (3) folder BZFlag (2)
folder Cabela Games (2) folder Call of Duty Games (105)
folder Carmen Sandiego Games (2) folder Castlevania (8)
folder Cave Story (4) folder Caverns of Hammerfest (2)
folder Chip's Challenge (2) folder Chocolatier (2)
folder Chrono Games (20) folder City of Heroes/City of Villains (3)
folder Civilization (17) folder Clock Tower Games (6)
folder Colonization (1) folder Command & Conquer (7)
folder Commando Games (3) folder Company of Heroes (2)
folder Conker Games (5) folder Counter-Strike (6)
folder Crash Bandicoot Games (47) folder Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (4)
folder Crusader (2) folder CSI Video Games (6)
folder CyberNations (3)
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1 "Card Wars" (Adventure Time)
This quiz is about "Card Wars", an "Adventure Time" iOS game. Play this quiz and learn more about the game!
10 Q
Jan 27 15
57 plays
2 "Cry of Fear" - Terrifying Trivia
"Cry of Fear", a Half-Life mod, was released in 2012 and was memorable for its intricate plot and scares. Do you know it well enough to take this bone-chilling quiz?
10 Q
Jan 10 15
54 plays
3 "Codename: KND - Operation V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E."
You've seen "Codename: Kids Next Door", but have you played the game? (This game can be played on PS2, Xbox and GameCube.)
10 Q
Jul 04 14
81 plays
4 Arcade Nostalgia: "Asteroids"
"Asteroids" came out in 1979, providing the video game arcade industry with a new space shooter to rival "Space Invaders". What do you remember of this game?
10 Q
Feb 08 15
78 plays
5 Angband
"Angband" is a turn-based computer game available for Windows, OS X, and Android. The classic version is ASCII based, although options with graphics also exist. Best of all, it is available for FREE!
10 Q
Sep 11 14
81 plays
6 "Cooking Mama" Basics
From mechanics to meals, this quiz will test your knowledge of basics and beyond from Majesco's popular DS title, "Cooking Mama". Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 16 09
507 plays
7 Black
This is a quiz on a good first-person shooter for the PS2 and Xbox "Black".
10 Q
Jun 24 07
360 plays
8 Bugdom
"Bugdom" from Pangea Software came preloaded on early iMacs (OS9). Join me on a nostalgia trip or to find out why this is the only video game to keep me coming back.
10 Q
Jan 20 10
153 plays
9 Candy Crush Saga
If you're like me, every now and again you get hooked on an online game of some kind. "Candy Crush Saga" for Facebook has become my addiction. How much do you know about this match-three style game?
10 Q
May 08 14
207 plays
10 The World of "Backyard Baseball"
"Backyard Baseball" is part of the sports series of video games designed for younger kids.
10 Q
Nov 12 06
318 plays
11 "Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle"
A tribute to one of the best old school PC Games ever, "Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle".
10 Q
Jan 22 08
291 plays
12 Caesar III
This quiz covers many different aspects of the largely popular and addicting PC game, "Caesar III."
10 Q
Apr 21 06
267 plays
13 Cake Mania 1.0
"Cake Mania 1.0" has become one of the most popular downloadable games on the PC. It takes players through over 45 levels of fun challenges. See how much you know about this scrumptious game!
10 Q
Nov 21 13
117 plays
14 All About "Custom Robo"
This is one of my favorite games. I hope you enjoy my FIRST quiz too. "Custom Robo" is one of the best games ever! Nintendo has done it again to create a really great Gamecube game. I hope you enjoy this quiz and the game too.
10 Q
Jun 09 04
240 plays
15 Chocobo's Dungeon 2
"Chocobo's Dungeon 2" is a rare Role-Playing Game for the Playstation 1.
10 Q
Jan 26 07
210 plays
16 Catherine
Vincent Brooks is caught in a love triangle in this 2011 game developed by Atlas (for the PS3 and Xbox 360). Can you solve the mysteries and puzzles of "Catherine"? Spoilers included! Good luck!
10 Q
Aug 04 11
147 plays
17 "Crime Cities" for PC
Ever dreamed about serving on the police force? Or exploring space? Players of the title "Crime Cities" for PC got to do both. Hope you enjoy this quiz on the game. Thanks.
10 Q
Jul 20 07
177 plays
18 "Bejeweled 3"
Hey there, burningbreath here! In this quiz about "Bejeweled 3" for the PC, you'll be matching gems just like in the game. Ready? Then let's blitz!
10 Q
Nov 12 13
126 plays
19 Cool Spot
Even the former 7-Up logo had his own video game. This quiz is about the version of "Cool Spot" for the Super Nintendo.
10 Q
Jun 27 04
219 plays
20 All About "Albion"
"Albion" is a role-playing game released for MS-DOS in 1995. It's one of my favourite games due to its large depth and engaging dungeons. This quiz will ask general questions about the game, storyline and dungeons.
15 Q
Mar 23 11
87 plays
21 Baseball Mogul
This is a quiz about the "Baseball Mogul" franchise of PC games. Most of these questions are multiple choice with one fill in the blank.
10 Q
Jun 04 11
108 plays
22 "Chibi Robo": Brain Buster!
A semi-tough quiz on "Chibi Robo", a game only for Nintendo Gamecube.
10 Q
May 27 07
237 plays
23 Arcanists
"Arcanists" is a strategy game by Jagex and Funorb. Players take turns and use spells to defeat their opponents. It is a computer game and requires internet.
10 Q
Feb 08 09
180 plays
24 All Around "Bionicle Heroes"
Hey it's Lord Drakus again with another quiz. This quiz is over the Gamecube version of "Bionicle Heroes". Good luck!
10 Q
Jun 11 07
237 plays
25 Altered Beast
This is one of the few science fiction games on the "Sega Genesis". Have fun with it!
10 Q
Jul 15 04
321 plays
26 'Blinx 2': How Much Do You Know?
This quiz will test your knowledge of items and their functions, aspects of the world levels, and trivia about the game. 'Blinx 2 Masters of Time and Space' is for the original Xbox, and it is one of the greatest sleeper hits for the system.
10 Q
May 31 07
180 plays
27 "Bucky O'Hare" The Planets
I saw that there were no quizzes for "Bucky O'Hare". This NES quiz is fairly difficult and is created for Bucky fans.
10 Q
Jun 17 08
174 plays
28 Bloons Tower Defense 4
Are you a whiz on "Bloons Tower Defense 4"? This will talk about most of the towers and enemies. This is a game played on the computer. Good luck.
15 Q
Oct 20 11
231 plays
29 Nintendo's "Contra"
This is a quiz about "Contra" for Nintendo.
10 Q
Jan 02 03
1281 plays
30 Austin Powers: Operation Trivia
This is a PC game made by Sierra Technologies. It has some questions right from the first two movies. Enjoy!
10 Q
Oct 02 04
207 plays
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