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You Betta Be Good

Created by exceller

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Betta Fish
You Betta Be Good game quiz
"I got a betta fish named Santa for Christmas! :) Can you help me take care of Santa and learn basic pet care for bettas?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Oh boy! I was so excited when I saw my betta fish Santa under the Christmas tree! Which of these is NOT true of betta fish?
    They are native to North America
    They are a tropical fish
    They are also known as Siamese fighting fish
    They come in a variety of colors

2. I got several things with my betta fish to help me take care of him! Which one of these items were NOT one of the items my fish Santa needs?
    water conditioner
    a jar of fish food
    a Grinch ornament
    a fishbowl

3. My fish Santa needed his Christmas dinner too! Which of these foods are NOT typically something a betta would enjoy eating?
    mosquito larva
    dried shrimp

4. Bettas need to watch their weight sometimes like people do! Overfeeding can cause them health problems or even kill them. How often should I feed my betta fish Santa?
    once a week
    once a month
    once a day
    once an hour

5. With live food, bettas will not stop until they've eaten their entire prey and have been known to eat themselves to death.

6. Santa may be a betta fish but he can get messy! Which of these is NOT a way I can help Santa stay clean and happy?
    Remove uneaten food
    Change the water when it gets cloudy
    Avoid cleaning the fishbowl because it could harm the fish
    Clean the fishbowl regularly

7. Changing a betta's water can be a risky situation! Which of these is NOT a way that I can avoid damaging my fish Santa?
    Put the betta in a cup with old water while cleaning the fishbowl
    Handle the betta very carefully with hands
    Make sure the Ph and temperature level is the same when putting the betta in new water
    Use water conditioner tablets to make the water safe

8. I placed a mirror beside my fish Santa's bowl. Why is my betta fish puffing up his fins and his lower gill at his reflection?
    He is trying to flirt with what he thinks is another fish.
    He is sick and will soon throw up.
    He is trying to let the other fish know he is a friend.
    He is protecting his territory from what he thinks is another fish.

9. It looks like my betta Santa has been making bubbles in his bowl! Why do male bettas often make bubble nests?
    to capture the attention of a female
    to protect their territory
    to store extra food
    to prepare for eggs

10. Learning to take care of my betta Santa has been pretty cool! I am thinking about getting him a girlfriend! Which of these is NOT one of the main things I should consider?
    the betta's price
    the betta's age
    the betta's behavior

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Compiled Dec 27 12