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The Last Roundup

Created by mpkitty

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The Last Roundup game quiz
"Ol' Gabby was riding his horse, Bobby, along on his ranch. As he rode, looking for strays for the roundup, he recalled his days as a sidekick for movie cowboys, and other cowboys he had known. He realized it was kind of a last-roundup for his memories."

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1. Gabby's horse stumbled on a bird's nest, Gabby didn't notice because he was recalling his favorite cowboy who had the unfortunate name of Leonard Slye. Leonard changed his name, became a western star and a singing cowboy. His horse was as famous as he was. What was Leonard's horse's name?

2. Shaken from his reverie by the sight of a maverick in the ravine, Ol' Gabby
rounded him up, then returned to his thoughts as in his mind he saw one of his
friends, the cowboy known as "The Singing Cowboy". Who was that sweet-voiced star?
    Gene Autry
    Broncho Billy
    Slim Whitman
    Hopalong Cassidy

3. A smile playing on his lips as he rode along, Ol' Gabby thought of one of the
greatest movie sidekicks, one who had appeared in 8l features with his friend and cowboy star, and with other cowboys as well. This sidekick was more than that, he had many talents including song-writing and other musical talents. One of his songs is considered one of the best ballads ever written. In movies, he was known as Frog Milhouse, and sometimes by his real name What was his real name?
    Zane Grey
    Shug Fisher
    Smiley Burnette
    Bob Nolan

4. "Dagnabit", thought Gabby, "That little dogie I been a-chasin' sure knows how
to dodge my Bobby. I sure wish I had the special skill my cowboy friend had,
then I could bring in that calf with just a flick of my wrist".
What cowboy had a unique talent (he was also always dressed in black)?
    Ferrari Frederick
    Broncho Billy
    Lash LaRue
    Rider of the Purple Sage

5. Late afternoon, Ol' Gabby was getting tired. As Bobby rocked along, Gabby fell into a doze and dreamed of a pretty cowgirl. He had helped her learn the ways of western movies and she was so good at it, she married her famous co-star. When cowboy movies fell out of style, they moved to the next big thing, television.
For their television show, the pretty gal wrote a song that almost everyone can sing. What was that song?
    Back in the Saddle Again
    I Ride an Old Paint
    Happy Trails To You
    Sunset on the Trail

6. Ol' Gabby awoke with a start! He thought he saw a western star with a black mask over his lower face, but it was just a blackbird on a cactus. The star he thought it was, started as a suave leading man, but didn't quite make it, and then was cast in westerns. He was in many westerns, then starred in a series called The Durango Kid. In this series, he rode a great white horse named Raider.
What was this star's real name?
    Broncho Billy Reese
    Charles Starrett
    Dick Powell
    Clint Eastwood

7. Around the ranch, the cowhands were all proud of the real-life hero who had become a western star. Such a hero, that he was the most decorated soldier in W.W.II, earning thirty-three medals. He even wrote a book about his war experiences, and then starred in the movie version.
Who was this baby-faced hero?
    Audie Murphy
    Broncho Billy
    Slim Whitman
    Alvin York

8. Gabby thought he'd better find a rabbit for the stew pot. He saw one hopping along, shot and missed. "Huh", he said, "Hopalong Cassidy would never miss a shot like that"! How he had loved Hoppy's movies, and was happy they had gone on for so many years. Who was the white-haired actor who had portrayed Hoppy for so long?
    "Wild" Bill Elliott
    Jimmy Rodgers
    Tim Holt
    William Boyd

9. As the old fella pulled his hat down against a sudden breeze, he said to his horse, Bobby, "At least this old hat's not as bad as that tattered black one that other old sidekick used to wear. You know, that other old fella with no teeth that people used to get mixed up with me". Bobby thought, "Who does he mean"?
    Shug Fisher
    Wilson Pickett
    George "Gabby" Hayes
    Broncho Billy

10. Dusk was falling as Gabby rode back to the corral with his mavericks for the round-up. Sitting on a fence he saw one of his oldest buddies, one they called "the first star of westerns". He had been in the first popular western, "The Great Train Robbery" in 1903, then made many short, silent films, as his famous character. What was that character's name?
    Slim Whitman
    The Lone Ranger
    Broncho Billy
    Yakima Canutt

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Compiled Jan 05 13