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The Great Siege of Malta

Created by Neoton

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The Great Siege of Malta game quiz
"A quiz about one of the most famous events for its time - The Great Siege of Malta."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the 16th century the Ottoman Empire attacked the island of Malta. Who controlled the island at the time they attacked?
    The Knights Templar
    The Knights of Malta
    The French
    The Byzantines

2. In 1522, before the Siege of Malta, the Ottomans captured the previous home island of the knights. Which was it?

3. The Knights were left without a permanent base until 1530 when an European monarch gave them the island of Malta. Who was that monarch?
    Elizabeth I of England
    Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire
    Charles IX of France
    Philip II of Spain

4. In which year did the Siege of Malta take place?

5. Who was the Grand Master of the order of the Knights of Malta at the time of the siege?
    Philippe Villiers de L'Isle-Adam
    Jean Parisot de la Valette
    Foulques de Villaret
    Pierre de Monte

6. What fortifications did the Knights have during the siege?
    Three forts
    A large wall surrounding the harbour
    A ring of six castles
    They didn't have any fortifications

7. After the fall of St. Elmo the defenders saw that the Turks had thrown the bodies of the knights who were killed at St. Elmo in the Maltese harbour. What did the Grand Master of the knights do?
    He died of a heart attack
    He got out of his fort and charged the Turks
    He blinded the Turkish prisoners and sent them to the Ottoman camp
    He beheaded the Ottoman prisoners and and bombarded the Turkish camp with the heads

8. A famous pirate whom the Maltese already knew participated in the siege. Who was he?
    Aruj (Red Beard)
    Turgut Reis
    Uluj Ali

9. The Knights of Malta had some unusual weapons. Which of the following weapons they did NOT have?
    Fire hoops
    Greek Fire
    Fire lances

10. In September the Turks were retreating. They had suffered heavy casualties and they were out of supplies and the winter was coming, and they also feared the Christian reinforcements. What countries did the Maltese expect help from?
    France and Denmark
    Spain and Sicily
    The Holy Roman Empire and Hungary
    Portugal and England

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Compiled Nov 04 13