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Panda Sandwiches are Most Indigestible

Created by Christinap

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Panda Sandwiches are Most Indigestible game quiz
"Poor panda is being chased by a celebrity chef who wants to see if he can turn him into a sandwich. We have to help him get home safely."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Poor Panda is a long way from home. As the chef searches for him he hides in the safest place he can think of. It's where the Queen of England keeps her crown when she isn't wearing it. Where has Panda hidden?
    Buckingham Palace
    The Tower of London
    Houses of Parliament
    Wandsworth Prison

2. While the chef is still looking in England, Panda has managed to get across the English Channel to France. He is now in Paris and he needs to get on a boat to start travelling down the river that runs through that city. What is it called?

3. The chef has picked up Panda's trail and is not far behind him. Panda escapes into Germany and finds himself in Berlin, standing where the Berlin wall used to be. When was this wall torn down?

4. As he tries to head for the airport Panda spots the chef lurking in the entrance, cleaver poised. He runs and hides in the nearest cinema. To his great joy they are showing a film about a panda chosen as the Dragon Warrior.
What is it called?
    Toy Story
    Kung Fu Panda
    Ice Age

5. Coming out of the cinema Panda is pleased to see that the chef has disappeared. He heads into the airport. The only plane he can get on is bound for Warsaw, which isn't where he wanted to go, but it does get him a bit nearer home. Which country is he bound for?

6. Panda knows he has to keep moving. He gets on a boat bound for Japan. He remembers that in 2011 parts of the the coast of Japan were hit by a terrible natural disaster. What was it?
    Oil Spill

7. As he is going to be on the ship for a while Panda decides to explore. He heads for the kitchen area, only to find the mad chef sitting there chopping up toy pandas with his cleaver. He runs to find somewhere safer to look round. What, though, is the correct name for the kitchen on a ship?

8. Panda thinks he manages to leave the ship without chef spotting him. He decides he wants something to eat. To his horror the mad celebrity chef brings a plate of fugu to his table. What is this made from?
    Koi carp

9. Panda runs from the restaurant with the chef in hot pursuit. He leaps onto a ship bound for his home country just as it is departing. The chef is not in time to get on board and the last Panda sees of him is him bouncing up and down with rage on the quayside. Panda is on his way home, but where is home for most pandas?

10. Home at last Panda breathes a sigh of relief. Thank goodness the chef didn't get me, he thinks. I'm sure that panda sandwiches are most indigestible. He settles down for a snack and a sleep. What is the main part of a panda's diet?
    Fruit and berries
    Insects and small mammals
    Grass and leaves

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Compiled Jan 16 13