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Dead Doll

Created by kensi54382

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Dead Doll game quiz
"This quiz is based on the "CSI" season 8 episode "Dead Doll"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Sara went missing in the previous episode.

2. Natalie Davis kidnapped the missing CSI.

3. A dead body was found when the team was searching for Sara. Grissom thought that Sara was dead.

4. Who found Sara?
    Brass and Warrick
    No one. Sara found help.
    Nick and Sofia
    Grissom and Catherine

5. How did Sara get found?
    She walked to the road
    She was visible from the road
    Sunlight reflected off the mirror next to her
    She called for help

6. How long did it take for Sara to be found?
    half the episode
    a minute into the episode
    the entire episode
    three minutes into the episode

7. How was Sara taken out of the desert?
    by helicopter
    by foot
    by car
    by ambulance

8. Did Natalie tell the team where to find Sara?

9. When we saw Natalie Davis at the end of the episode, where was she?
    We didn't see her
    In a jail cell
    In court
    In a mental hospital

10. At the end of the episode, did Sara wake up?

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Compiled Jan 30 13