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Mister Magoo's Melodious Musicals

Created by Plodd

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed Word Puzzles
Mister Magoos Melodious Musicals game quiz
"Accident prone Mister Magoo loves sitting and listening to music but he needs your help to find the correct musicals by solving this mixture of brain teasers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Rebuses:

Mr Magoo is elderly and very forgetful as he has lost most of his marbles, but he still has a fondness for history, especially myths and legends of old. Can you help him find this musical by answering this brain teaser?

Dromedary + Bible character
    Answer: (One Word)

2. Hidden Words:

Mr Magoo was a womaniser when he was younger. He loves watching musicals which include a feisty woman as it brings back memories of his youth. Can you find the hidden word in the following sentence which is another of his favourite musicals?

Mr Magoo's first girlfriend was a clingy, psychotic woman.
    Answer: (One word, five letters)

3. Wordwise:

You can often find Mister Magoo at home on a Sunday afternoon, sat in front of his television with his favourite feline, Mister Mistoffelees, curled up on his lap. Can you help identify the musical he is watching by answering this clue which represents a common word?

    Answer: (One Word)

4. Words in Common:

Mister Magoo peered myopically into his mirror as he was shaving. He still looked good for his age, even with wrinkles and gummy smile (his false teeth were still soaking in a glass next to the sink). He was humming a song under his breath but he could not remember which musical it came from. Can you help him by guessing the answer to this clue?

What word comes before style, cut, and dressing to make three new words?
    Answer: (One Word, Four Letters)

5. Fractured Words:

The phone rang and Mister Magoo started talking to his best friend Bing about a film they both wanted to watch. Poor Bing had a nasty cold and it was difficult to understand what he was saying. Can you guess which musical he wanted to see by answering this clue?

Wide Grease Mouse
    Answer: (Two Words)

6. Missing Letters:

Mister Magoo decided to visit a nightclub, and apart from walking into waiters and knocking over tables, he eventually found his seat just in time to watch the floor show. Can you find which musical he was watching by answering this clue?

    Answer: (One Word, Seven Letters)

7. In Other Words:

A lady approached Mister Magoo, and in no time at all she was recounting stories which had him in stitches of laughter. Can you help him identify her by rephrasing this clue?

Hilarious Young Lady
    Answer: (Two Words)

8. Anagrams:

Mister Magoo was feeling gloomy and depressed as he was mugged by two thieves on the way home from watching a 2012 cinema release (everyone say ahhh!). You can tell which film he watched by guessing the anagram which is in block capitals?

Mister Magoo tried chasing the AIMLESS REBELS down the street but he bumped into a lampost and fell over (you can say ahhh again!).
    Answer: (Two Words)

9. Logic Puzzle:

Mister Magoo was sending a birthday card to one of his friends and he was trying to recollect their ages. Can you help him solve this puzzle?

Evita is younger than Tommy who is older than Annie.
Oliver is older than Tommy but younger than Gigi.
Annie is older than Evita.
Who is the youngest?
    Answer: (One Word)

10. Logic Puzzle:

Mister Magoo is very grateful for your help, but before you leave, can you answer this final clue to find a place which is very dear to his heart?

My first is in CHORUS but not in SHROUD
My second is in SHOW but not in LOUD
My third is in MUSIC but not in DRUMS
My fourth is in DISC but not in HUMS
My fifth is in MUSICAL but not in CLUMPISH
My sixth is in GRAPHIC but not in RASPISH
My seventh is in SONG but not in LYRICAL
My whole is Mister Magoo's melodious musical.
    Answer: (One Word)

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Compiled Feb 18 13