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Help! I Have Lost My Bearings Down Under

Created by scarlet1977

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Help I Have Lost My Bearings Down Under game quiz
"My electric wheelchair and I have recovered from our last world tour and have decided on another journey. Can anything go wrong? Yes! I have lost my bearings in Australia and New Zealand. Can you help me? I hope you enjoy playing it!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I have started my tour in New Zealand. For some reason I always get mixed up with the capital, I always get it wrong! What city in New Zealand is often called "City of Sails"?

2. My next stop is a place I have heard has a nickname associated with the United Kingdom. What is the nickname of Dunedin?
    Cardiff of the West
    Belfast of the North
    London of the East
    Edinburgh of the South

3. I have travelled north and got slightly lost. I am surrounded by a mass of water and my wheels are soaking. Can you tell me where I am? What is the largest lake in New Zealand?
    Answer: (North Island (two words))

4. After my wheelchair has been cleaned up and charged up again we have decided to leave New Zealand as I cannot wait to see the kangaroos and koalas. I am in the Northern Territory now, but can you tell me which of these cities is on the Timor Sea?
    Pine Creek
    Alice Springs

5. My next destination is to the west of Australia. I have been to Perth before, but I cannot remember what the main river is called. All I can remember is that it is to do with birds. Can you help me? What river flows through Perth?

6. My next stop is to my favourite city in Australia. Obviously I know about the famous harbour bridge, but I did not know the following fact. What do the locals call Sydney Harbour Bridge?

7. The mountain I am at the bottom of is certainly not within my wheelchair's capabilities. It is far too high. Where am I and what am I looking at? What is the highest mountain in New South Wales?
    Mount Kosciuszko
    Mount Twynam
    Mount Townsend
    Rams Head

8. During my journey to my last destination, I was fascinated to learn about a historical fact. What state capital was named after a queen?
    Port Elizabeth

9. During the same journey, I was reading another fact about the history of Australia. Originally called "Hannans" which Australian town started a "Gold Rush"?
    Answer: (Western Australia)

10. I have reached my last stop and I am very excited, somebody has told me that if I want to see some animals, I need to go to this island, but I don't know where to go. Can anyone tell me where Kangaroo Island located?
    New South Wales
    South Australia
    Western Australia

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Compiled Aug 07 13