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The Whole Truth

Created by ponycargirl

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Washington, George
The Whole Truth game quiz
"Unfortunately, very little has been historically documented regarding George Washington's youth, except for an incident that illustrates his honesty. Let's see if we can find "The Whole Truth"!"

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1. In what present-day location was George Washington born?
    Sulgrave, England
    Virginia, USA
    Jamestown, Barbados
    Maryland, USA

2. George Washington's father was a planter. What was the main cash crop that was grown on his estate?

3. Who were George Washington's parents?
    William and Anne
    William and Mary
    George and Charlotte
    Augustine and Mary

4. George Washington's father died when George was eleven years old. After his father's death, George lived with his brother. What was his brother's name?

5. One of the most famous stories of George Washington's childhood concerns an alleged incident with which kind of tree?
    Hickory Tree
    Oak Tree
    Apple Tree
    Cherry Tree

6. About how old was George Washington when the alleged incident with the tree took place?

7. According to the story, when asked if he knew what happened to the tree, George Washington said, "I can't tell a lie, Pa; you know I can't tell a lie. I did cut it with my...?
    Answer: (one word)

8. According to the story, how did George Washington's father react after George admitted to chopping down the tree?
    His father made George buy a new replacement tree
    His father made George weed his mother's garden
    His father whipped George
    His father gave George a hug

9. What was the name of the estate that George Washington inherited from his father?
    Bridge's Creek
    Ferry Farm
    Popes Creek
    Little Hunting Creek

10. When his older brother died, George Washington inherited the estate that would become his home for the rest of his private life. What is the estate called today?
    Wakefield House
    Mt. Vernon
    Popes Creek

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Compiled May 24 13