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"Warehouse 13" - H.G. Wells Challenge

Created by SixStrings112

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Warehouse 13  HG Wells Challenge game quiz
" call yourself a "Warehouse 13"/H.G. Wells/Jaime Murray fangirl? Test your "Warehouse 13"/Wells/Murray knowledge here!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the "Warehouse 13" episode "Emily Lake Pt. 1", what is the correct height listed on Emily's fake driving license?

2. In the "Warehouse 13" episode "Buried", H.G. alludes to the fact that she is bisexual when she says what?
    "Many of my lovers were men."
    "Many of my lovers were women."
    "I've had many girlfriends."
    "I'm a unicorn. I don't date humans."

3. In H.G. Wells' home in London, Pete's ringtone distracts H.G. long enough for her to be captured by Myka Bering in the "Warehouse 13" episode "Time Will Tell". Who is singing the song on Pete's ringtone?
    Ellie Goulding
    Depeche Mode
    Cookie Monster
    Oscar The Grouch

4. In the episode "Time Will Tell", Helena G. Wells makes her debut. What is the first word she utters in the series?

5. In the "Warehouse 13" episode "Instinct", Emily/Helena must get Bering into the police station so they can review surveillance cameras. Emily Lake has clearance, while Myka does not. What does Emily/Helena imply to Officer Curtis in order to get Myka through to their destination?
    That Myka and Helena are lovers
    That Helena is training a new detective
    That Myka is a good friend
    That Myka is Helena's sister

6. Where was Emily Lake born?
    Univille, South Dakota
    London, England
    Atlas House, England
    Omaha, Nebraska

7. In the classified file 'Atlas 66' in the episode "Emily Lake Pt. 1", what is the number of the subfile labelled 'The Black Sphere'?

8. In the "Warehouse 13" episode "Instinct", Pete and Nate are in the living room talking while Helena and Myka are having a private conversation, off camera in the kitchen. If a fangirl turns the volume WAY up, what will she hear Myka tell Helena at the beginning of their conversation?
    "Where were you?"
    "I thought you were dead...!"
    "I missed you..."
    "I was worried..."

9. In the episode "Instinct", how many ways does Emily Lake/Helena G. Wells count that she can kill Detective Briggs?

10. Every fangirl's favorite/most heartbreaking scene is the goodbye scene at the end of episode "Instinct". What is Helena's last word in this episode?

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Compiled Jul 07 14