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Inside 'Star Wars'

Created by Vanyar

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Inside Star Wars game quiz
"This trivia focuses on the lesser known facts about the 'Star Wars' movies, such as inside jokes, mistakes, and other things you would only notice if your were REALLY paying attention. It also really helps if you know some things about popular culture."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How tall was the actor that played Chewbacca?

2. What did the first Ewok say after C3P0's 'godlike' speech to his would-be captors?
    Yub Yub
    That guy's wise
    Echee Wah Wah
    He's a looker

3. This line was spoken in all of the first five 'Star Wars' films. 'I have a ______
    Answer: (Four Words)

4. What famous mailman makes an appearance in 'The Empire Strikes Back' (give the character's full name)?
    Answer: (Where everybody knows your name.)

5. What popular 'small' actor from 'Return of the Jedi' makes a cameo as one of Jabba's companions in 'The Phantom Menace'?
    Answer: (Two Words)

6. What comedian supplied the voice for the race announcer during the pod race in 'The Phantom Menace'?
    Answer: (Whose Line is it Anyways?)

7. What are the odds of surviving piloting your way through an asteroid field?
    4720 to 1
    3720 to 1
    6320 to 1
    5720 to 1

8. What is the name of the Imperial shuttle the rebels steal in 'The Return of the Jedi'?

9. What was the name of the planet where the rebels met the ewoks?
    The Forest Moon of Endor

10. THE ULTIMATE QUESTION! There are only three words in the ENTIRE 'Star Wars' movie saga that have ever been written in English (during the actual film). Name one of the three words. (Not on the newer DVD version.)
    power & tractor & beam
    docking & bay & six
    red & gold & blue
    trash & compactor & room

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Compiled Jun 28 12