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Muscle Shoals Music

Created by Suriha0521

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Muscle Shoals Music game quiz
"Some of the greatest hits were recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Musicians and singers come from all over the world to put a bit of the 'Muscle Shoals Sound' to their recordings. Lynyrd Skynyrd even made mention of it in 'Sweet Home Alabama'."

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1. This brotherly group recorded their first hit at FAME Recording Studio in Muscle Shoals.
    The Jackson 5
    The Osmond Brothers
    Everly Brothers
    Evan and Jaron

2. This Rod Stewart album was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.
    'Every Picture Tells A Story'
    'Footloose and Fancy Free'
    'Night On The Town'
    'Atlantic Crossing'

3. This Muscle Shoals musician played backup for Simon and Garfunkel, plus played on 'Night Moves: by Bob Seger and Rod Stewart's 'Atlantic Crossing' album. He later had a number 1 hit with fellow musician Lenny Leblanc called 'Fallin''.
    Rick Hall
    Jimmy 'Bebop' Evans
    Pete Carr
    David Hood

4. Tom Cruise danced in his underwear to this hit, recorded at (where else?) Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.
    'Brown Sugar'
    'One Bad Apple'
    'Old Time Rock and Roll'

5. Mary McGregor recorded this hit at FAME Recording Studios.
    'Torn Between Two Lovers'
    'Touch Me When We're Dancing'

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Compiled Jun 28 12