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Guess the Movie

Created by BkrBarbie

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Name It - Difficult 10
Guess the Movie game quiz
"I'll give the co-stars, you give the name of the movie they played in!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant
    Answer: (Two words,Childbirth)

2. Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson
    Answer: (One Word)

3. Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman
    Answer: (5 Words or 1 word, two different movies)

4. Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson
    Answer: (Three words)

5. Sean Astin and Corey Feldman
    Answer: (Two words, or "The _________")

6. Kevin Costner and Mary McDonnell
    Answer: (Three Words)

7. Emilio Estevez and Kiefer Sutherland
    Answer: (Two words)

8. Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning
    Answer: (Two Words)

9. Andrew Keegan and Heath Ledger
    Answer: (Six words, It involves a number)

10. Mel Gibson and Lucy Liu
    Answer: (One Word)

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Compiled Oct 02 13