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Can you guess what the title of the movie is if only given a few clues?
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1 Guess the Movie By the Premise
This quiz is a little different from other movie quizzes. I'll write out a premise to a movie, and the correct answer is the title of the movie. I'll also provide some information about the movie.
10 Q
Nov 15 14
483 plays
2 Go Ahead, Make My Day
Perhaps, decades ago, someone posed this question to the film directors of the world. Here are ten different films that MUST have been created as a response to this adamant urging. Good luck!
10 Q
Jun 08 10
1941 plays
3 Shut Uppa Ya Face
Rhu was telling a friend recently about some of the mob films he has worked on. "Shut uppa ya face!" the friend exclaimed. "That is amazing! Tell me more!" Can you guess which films Rhu will describe?
10 Q
Sep 22 12
1125 plays
4 Now Cut That Out!
Some plot points and ideas don't make it out of the script while some get filmed and don't make it to the final cut. Test your knowledge of movies by recognizing these actual deleted scenes and plot devices left on the cutting room floor. Good luck!
10 Q
Nov 14 12
861 plays
5 Truly, Madly, Deeply
Sometimes a movie character is driven to make sacrifices for those whom they love truly, madly and deeply. From the plot descriptions can you name the film these sacrifices come from? (Warning: spoilers ahead)
10 Q
Nov 23 09
1218 plays
6 Meryl Streep Movies
Here are ten movies which starred the extremely talented actress, Meryl Streep. See how many you know from the clues provided. Have fun!
10 Q
Jun 24 13
1416 plays
7 On Location
Let's go on a sight-seeing tour of movie locations - tell me which movie was filmed on these beautiful sites!
10 Q
Mar 28 14
1059 plays
8 One More Night
Nora's adorable nephew Jordan is staying with her for 10 days, and she has decided to treat him to a movie each night. Shall we listen in, and find out which movies they have chosen?
10 Q
Sep 17 12
669 plays
9 Needs...More...Oxygen...
And now for ten films I find excruciatingly claustrophobic. Get yourself out of a tight situation (or a helpless one) and guess the movies correctly. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 21 11
2862 plays
10 3 Roles, 3 Movies, 1 Actor, and a Twist II
Round II. Tell ya what I'm gonna do. I'll give you three roles, three movies, and clues for one actor. You tell me which movie they were NOT in. Questions and answers double as clues. Best of luck.
10 Q
Apr 12 13
771 plays
11 The Cave of Time
Venture into the Movie Cave of Time and see where the film reels lead you. Time is a factor everywhere, be it the past, future, or some other chronological anomaly. But don't feel rushed, take your time and enjoy!
10 Q
May 17 11
570 plays
12 Far in Time
Let's take a cinematic trip through time - we're starting from WAAAAAAY back and going into the distant future. It's a journey far in time. Good luck!
10 Q
Jun 18 13
681 plays
13 The End of the Beginning
In some movies, important plot points occur before the title card even appears! See if you can identify the film based on the pre-credit, pre-title-card events described. Good luck!
10 Q
Feb 25 10
1485 plays
14 The Favorite Movies of the Midwest USA Players
Team quiz by Midwest USA Players
Midwest USA Players has a number of members, and everyone has a favorite movie. Let's ask some of our members what their favorite movie is, and we'll see if we can guess what it is.
10 Q
May 24 11
1131 plays
15 Tricked by Titles
Whenever I rent movies, I seem to pick up ones whose subject has nothing to do with the title! Can you figure out all of these gaffs I made?
10 Q
Feb 22 10
1548 plays
16 What Am I Watching?
Hopefully the photos will be helpful in determining which movie I am watching. Some may be a wee bit cryptic, though...
10 Q
Nov 15 13
2004 plays
17 The Demons' Favourite Movies
Team quiz by The Devious Demons
These are some of the favourite movies watched, past and present, by The Devious Demons team.
10 Q
Aug 12 10
954 plays
18 Movies with Misleading Titles 3
This topic has proven popular, so here goes with another selection of movies with misleading titles.
10 Q
Dec 29 12
2025 plays
19 Mutant Noggins Say: See These Before You Die! (#2)
Team quiz by The Wild Mutant Noggins
Memo: To Quiz Takers From: Wild Mutant Noggins Re: We have become aware of the fact that ten additional cinematic masterpieces exist that you MUST see before you pack it in. Here are ten questions about them. Test yourself and enjoy!
10 Q
Nov 20 10
708 plays
20 A Trip to the Video Store
The video rental store in my neighborhood is closing soon so I just rented some of my favorite movies while I still can. Why don't you come over and watch them with me? I've got some popcorn and cold drinks.
10 Q
Aug 31 13
663 plays
21 Don't Dream It, Be It!
Dreams can help us plan or foretell the future. Dreams can be memories to remember how we reached today. Here are a few dreamy movie selections. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jul 12 11
882 plays
22 Movies for Every Mood
Have you ever been in the mood for a romantic comedy? How about an action-packed adventure? No matter what mood you're in, one of these films will fit the bill. Good luck and happy viewing!
10 Q
Sep 19 11
1737 plays
23 FLASH: We Interrupt This Program
In the following quiz I will give you a brief description of a movie plot or scene using a fake news flash. Can you name the film that is being referred to?
10 Q
Nov 09 12
528 plays
24 These Movies Do Rock
I'll give you the start of the plot to a certain movie containing the word "Rock", hoping to avoid spoilers. Can you guess the title?
10 Q
Nov 05 13
594 plays
25 No One Puts Rabies in the Corner
At least no one SHOULD put rabid animals in the corner. These ten movies must have -- see if you can guess the names of the movies within based on these...erm...'deleted scenes' involving angry, wild animals (whether they existed or not). Good luck!
10 Q
Sep 30 11
588 plays
26 Strange Motives
What drives you? Money? Love? Family? Suffice to say, the world of cinema has offered up much stranger motives than these. Some people do the things they do, and we're just left asking why. Good luck! Warning: Spoilers ahead.
10 Q
Apr 20 14
480 plays
27 Wild Mutant Noggins Say: See These Before You Die!
Team quiz by The Wild Mutant Noggins
Quiztakers! Your assignment, should you accept it, is to ascertain the titles of the following movies - all worth watching before you die - from the clues provided. Some of these clues will be obscure, some straightforward. Exercise those noggins! Enjoy.
10 Q
Sep 21 10
597 plays
28 The Squad Room At Hollywood and Vine
What a peculiar place to find oneself handcuffed! I innocently left the movie theater without paying for my popcorn and I find myself here. The charge was "snacklifting". What a parade of crooks and cops - luckily, none are quite real. Or are they?
10 Q
Oct 17 05
1371 plays
29 Freeze Frame Part 2
Team quiz by The Flakes
Oh dear, the Flakes' DVD player is still broken! What famous movie scenes has it stopped on this time round?
10 Q
Apr 27 11
894 plays
30 Utterly Outrageous Movie Titles
The name of this quiz says it all. Here are some of the most bizarre, ridiculous, and politically incorrect film titles of all time. Your utterly outrageous challenge is to pick the real movies from the entirely bogus ones.
10 Q
Sep 05 09
1950 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Frances McDormand is another acting professional who has made a career of playing character roles, but who has broken through with a Best Actress Oscar, was featured in only one of the following movies. Select that movie.
* This 1988 comedy classic stars Michael Caine and Steve Martin. They portray two con artists who both want to succeed as thieves on the French Mediterranean coast.
* Directed by Lasse Hallstrom, this 2000 movie is all about a sweet aphrodisiac and a small French village.
* This film came out in 1996 and has Frances McDormand investigating a kidnapping in snowy Minnesota and North Dakota. What film is it?
* Remember characters named Captain Benjamin L. Willard, Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore and Colonel Walter E. Kurtz? In which hard hitting Vietnam War-related film did they appear?

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