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"Vampires" 101

Created by SilverWitch

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Vampires 101 game quiz
"Come take this quiz and see how well you know the legends of the undead. All questions are from 'Vampires' by Armand Eisen. Good Luck and most of all HAVE FUN!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. True or False: You are looking for Vampires. In order to find a vamp, one way would be to ride a virgin horse of a solid color over the graves in a cemetery. If the horse refuses to pass over a particular grave, there is a vampire in the ground.
    Answer: (true or false)

2. True or False: Vampire lore says; while in a cemetery, look for a reddish flame glowing above the vampires grave. The red glow represents the vampire's soul.
    Answer: (true or false)

3. True or False: While walking in the cemetery, look for graves with holes in them, or graves sporting crooked crosses or tombstones. This will also be vampire territory.
    Answer: (true or false)

4. True or False: Wondering about if someone is a blood sucker? Find someone who was born on a Sat. and they can tell a vampire just by looking at them!
    Answer: (true or false)

5. You find yourself digging up graves (this is against the law) looking for vampires. What are you looking for on the body to see if indeed you have found yourself a real vamp?
    All of these answers
    Bloodstains around the mouth
    Lack of decay
    Extra long fingernails

6. True or False: According to novelist Stephen King, a vampire, unlike someone who happens to be alive but has chosen to fall asleep in a coffin, will have a blood pressure reading 0 over 0.

7. True or False: Modern day vamps will NEVER eat garlic.

8. True or False: Always be suspicious of someone who wears black and looks like they have never seen the sun.

9. A vampire's coffin must be lined with what?
    red velvet material
    Dirt from the vampires original grave
    All of these
    Gold trimming around the edges

10. True or False: According to legend; you could throw thorns, poppy seeds, grains of salt, or grains of rice on the floor of your bedroom. If a vampire shows up, he will be compelled to stop and count every single grain.

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Compiled Jun 28 12