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NY Mets History

Created by romeoski

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NY Mets History game quiz
"This quiz deals with some significant and some not-so-significant events, statistics and other memories over the history of the New York Mets."

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1. In 1973, Met outfielders Don Hahn and George Theodore smashed into each other in what is considered the most memorable outfield collision in team history. Which Atlanta Braves player hit the ball?
    Marty Perez
    Davey Johnson
    Ralph Garr
    Hank Aaron

2. The Atlanta Braves were involved in another frightening play in 1973. Met pitcher Jon Matlack was struck right between the eyes by a wicked line drive. Which Braves player hit the drive that fractured Matlack's skull?
    Marty Perez
    Hank Aaron
    Davey Johnson
    Ralph Garr

3. How many of the infamous 1962 New York Mets were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame during the 1990s?

4. Which of following players never played for the Mets?
    Yogi Berra
    Wes Westrum
    Duke Snider
    Dallas Green

5. Who was the oldest member of the 1996 Mets?
    Brett Butler
    John Franco
    Lance Johnson
    Alvaro Espinoza

6. Which fan favorite was not traded to the Phillies?
    Rico Brogna
    Wally Backman
    Bud Harrelson
    Tug McGraw

7. Which of these former Mets' managers did not have an over .500 winning percentage as a Mets' skipper?
    Yogi Berra
    Bud Harrelson
    Davey Johnson
    Gil Hodges

8. Which of these Mets players did not wear number 34 as a Met?
    Danny Frisella
    Jim McAndrew
    Cleon Jones
    Nolan Ryan

9. When Dave Kingman belted a Met record 36 home runs in 1975, whose record did he break?
    Frank Thomas
    Donn Clendenon
    Duke Snider
    Wayne Garrett

10. In the Mets' inaugural season, who led the team in home runs?
    Frank Thomas
    Jim Hickman
    Richie Ashburn
    Chris Cannazzaro

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Compiled Apr 17 14