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You're Hired At The Bookstore!

Created by gatsby722

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Youre Hired At The Bookstore game quiz
"Pretend that you're a bookstore employee again. It's going to be a long day, the customers and the questions just keep coming! Have a good time with this (and don't forget to punch in)."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. OK. You're punched in (good start). The first shopper wants 'The Cat Who Came For Christmas'. Who wrote the book?
    Art Buchwald
    Truman Capote
    Cleveland Amory
    Lillian Roth

2. A polite bookworm is your next encounter (just when you were going to dash next door and grab a donut). He wants the latest book by John Kennedy Toole. What's the one he won a Pulitzer for?
    The Clockmaker
    Generation X
    The Collected Works Of John Kennedy Toole
    A Confederacy Of Dunces

3. I'm the boss (but not a grumpy one) and I tell you to pull all books by Judith Martin off the shelf. Where would you likely find them?
    Self Help
    Science Fiction

4. Just when you got to the jelly in your donut another customer strolls in. They want to see a copy of the store's BIP. What the heck are they talking about?
    Location Data Base ID
    Books In Print
    Biographies In Photocopy
    Books In Place

5. Your donut is now consumed. A sweet older lady comes in and wants to buy a book that a movie she saw on AMC was based on. It starred Gregory Peck as a southern lawyer and some kid named Mary Badham. Who wrote the book she wants?
    Joseph Conrad
    Carson McCullers
    Harper Lee
    Lillian Hellman

6. Our mean old grouchy district manager shows up asking you questions designed to give you a headache. He likes to throw out pop quizzes. Today it's 'Why isn't the original V.C. Andrews writing anymore'?
    She's dead
    She's in prison
    She's an awful writer
    She's now a Duchess

7. I'll bribe you. If you order some new stuff to spruce up the Poetry section, I'll run to the 7-11 to buy you a pint of milk to wash down that jelly donut. Which author would you NOT order?
    Rita Dove
    ee cummings
    Hilary Swank

8. A former guest of 'The Jerry Springer' show pops in wanting the cookbook 'White Trash Cooking'. You leaf through it and are amazed to see that who wrote a blurb on the opening page saying they loved the book?
    Kate Hepburn
    Sophia Loren
    Princess Diana
    Helen Hayes

9. Time for your pee break. I'll get the next customer. A polite young man wants 'Call Me Anna'. Which section do we search?
    Diet and Exercise

10. Just as you are about to punch out after a long day one more person strolls in. You resist your instinct to bite him! He wants a copy of 'Where The Sidewalk Stops'. You know that is not the right title exactly but you know what he's looking for. Which section do you take him to?
    House And Garden
    True Crime

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Compiled Nov 01 14