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"Jaws" For Diehards

Created by DakotaNorth

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Jaws For Diehards game quiz
"Think you know everything about "Jaws"? If so, take this quiz to see how much you think you know. All questions deal with the original "Jaws." Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the beginning of the movie, a young woman goes swimming while her boyfriend passes out on the beach. She is attacked by a shark and killed. What is her full name?
    Answer: (Two Words. Full name or surname. NO spelling variances.)

2. When we first see Quint he is walking into a pub. What is the name of the pub?
    Lobster Lagoon
    Seaside Pub
    Whaler's Tavern
    Oysters Cove

3. There are waves in the ocean throughout the entire movie when people are swimming?

4. The first time you see Sean Brody on the beach he is singing a song. What is the name of that song?
    Itsy Bitsy Spider
    Do You Know The Muffin Man?
    Hush Little Baby
    Row, Row, Row Your Boat

5. In the scene where a teenage boy is throwing a stick to his dog, what is the name of the dog?

6. What is the name of the little boy who got killed?
    Answer: (Two Words. First and Last name.)

7. How does Quint get the town's attention when he enters the town meeting?
    Yells for the people to be quiet
    Gives off a piercing whistle
    Claps his hands five times
    Rakes his nails on the blackboard

8. How much money does Quint want to kill the shark?

9. Finish this quote by Quint, "For that much you get the head, the tail, ____________________."
    Answer: (Four Words)

10. After the town meeting, there is a scene where you see two men on a dock trying to catch the shark for $3,000.00. The men are using a piece of meat. What kind of meat are they using?
    Pork Roast
    Roast Beef
    Holiday Roast

11. Who is the Harbor Master of the island?
    Answer: (Two Words. First and Last name. Spelling is important.)

12. What is the name of the island?
    Answer: (One Word. NO spelling variances.)

13. What does the name of the island mean?
    Answer: (One Word)

14. Who was the most famous fisherman on the island?
    Barry Gardner
    Ray Gardner
    Ben Gardner
    Tad Gardner

15. When Hooper is in the Brody residence he tells Ellen that he was leaving the next day to spend eighteen months on a boat. What is the name of the boat?
    Sea Wind

16. When Hooper and Brody go to do the autopsy on the Tiger Shark, a license plate was pulled out of the shark. What did the license plate read?
    Louisiana 007 o 981
    Louisiana 753 b 951
    North Carolina 852 g 654
    New Jersey 339 e 446

17. After the autopsy of the Tiger Shark, Hooper and Brody decide to look for the real shark. While on the boat Hooper is eating something. What is he eating?
    Onion Rings
    Potato Chips
    Cheese Curls

18. What city in Australia was Hooper supposed to go to?

19. When Brody is about to board Quint's boat, Ellen asks him what she should tell the kids. What does he tell Ellen to tell the kids?
    "Tell them I went deep sea diving."
    "Tell them I went sharking."
    "Tell them I went fishing."
    "Tell them I went crabbing."

20. According to Hooper, how big is the Killer Shark?
    20 feet
    30 feet
    25 feet
    21 feet

21. According to Quint, how big is the shark?
    27 feet, 5 tons
    20 feet, 1 ton
    25 feet, 3 tons
    30 feet, 6 tons

22. On the first try, how many barrels is the shark harpooned with?

23. What song does Quint ALWAYS sing?
    Hello, My Lover, Goodbye
    I Surrender Dear
    Ladies of Spain
    Underneath the Arches

24. After the last try, with how many barrels has the shark been harpooned, in total?

25. How many life jackets did Quint bring out on deck?

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