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Let's Go Dodgers!

Created by lilshorty48

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Los Angeles Dodgers
Lets Go Dodgers game quiz
"You'll love this quiz if you love the LA Dodgers! :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When right fielder, Shawn Green, broke the Dodgers franchise record, in 2001, for most homeruns in a season, whose record did he beat?
    Tommy Davis
    Mike Piazza
    Gary Sheffield
    Steve Garvey

2. Glenn Hoffman, the brother of the San Diego Padres' All-Star closer, Trevor Hoffman, was a coach in 2001 for the Dodgers. Which position did he coach?
    First Base Coach
    Hitting Coach
    Bull Pen Coach
    Third Base Coach

3. Who was the last Dodger to make it into the 30-30 club in the 1990s, with at least 30 homeruns and 30 stolen bases in the same season?
    Raul Mondesi
    Mike Piazza
    Shawn Green
    Gary Sheffield

4. As of the end of the 2001 regular season, which Dodger pitcher was the last one to lead the National League with the lowest ERA (Earned Run Average)?
    Hideo Nomo
    Alejandro Pena
    Kevin Brown
    Don Sutton

5. During the 2001 season he played as a Dodger catcher, 1st baseman, and left fielder. Who is he?
    Answer: (Two words (sometimes spelt with three), or just surname)

6. During the 2001 regular season, which Dodger pitcher only pitched with Chad Krueter catching?
    Terry Adams
    Chan Ho Park
    Luke Prokopec
    Eric Gagne

7. What year did the Brooklyn Dodgers become the Los Angeles Dodgers?
    Answer: (Come on Dodger fans!)

8. For five consecutive season from 1992 to 1996, a Dodger received the N.L. Rookie of the Year Award. What is the order in which they received them?
    Hollandsworth, Karros, Piazza, Nomo, Mondesi
    Hollandsworth, Karros, Piazza, Mondesi, Nomo
    Karros, Piazza, Mondesi, Nomo, Hollandsworth
    Karros, Mondesi, Piazza, Hollandsworth, Nomo

9. As of the end of the 2001 season, there was only one season in when the Dodgers received the National League Wild Card title. What season was it?

10. Who had the most triples in the 2001 regular season as a Dodger?
    Tom Goodwin
    Dave Hansen
    Shawn Green
    Adrian Beltre

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