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General Boxing : Part 3

Created by ensiform

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General Boxing  Part 3 game quiz
"The mixed bag of questions on the squared circle and its pugilistic patrons continues."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The first boxer to win the world lightweight title three times shared his name with that of a president. Who was he?
    Andrew Johnson
    Billy Clinton
    Jimmy Carter
    Andrew Jackson

2. This all-time great held the WBC and then the IBF heavyweight titles from 1978 to 1985, before losing to Michael Spinks. Along the way he beat a multitude of greats like Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers and Leon Spinks. He went on to lose five more fights, however, including losses to Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Who is he?
    Larry Holmes
    James Smith
    Tim Witherspoon
    Gerry Cooney

3. What was South Carolina heavyweight James Smith's nickname?

4. What heavyweight who held the WBO title through 1991, until he was stripped for refusing a mandatory challenge, had the nickname 'Merciless'?
    Tommy Morrison
    Michael Moorer
    Oliver McCall
    Ray Mercer

5. Enough of those lumbering old-timers. See if you're up on modern events. Who beat Zab Judah in November of 2001 to unify the junior welterweight (aka 'super lightweight') title?
    Julio Cesar Chavez
    Oktay Urkal
    Kostya Tszyu
    Ahmed Santos

6. On September 30, 2001, who KOed Felix Trinidad in the twelfth round to unify the middleweight title?
    William Joppy
    Bernard Hopkins
    Shane Mosley
    Oscar de la Hoya

7. What light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion, now an announcer for Showtime, announced his retirement after being KO'd by Evander Holyfield in May of 1996?
    Virgil Hill
    Bobby Czyz
    Uriah Grant
    Bert Cooper

8. Every now and then, boxing bouts are given nicknames just as fighters are. The great Sugar Ray Robinson fought Jake LaMotta six times, winning five of those bouts. Their sixth meeting, in 1951, is known by what name?
    The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
    Fight Of the Century
    The Rumble In the Jungle
    The Thrilla In Manilla

9. What marvelous middleweight champion lost only three of his 67 fights, the final loss a split decision at the devastating hands of Sugar Ray Leonard?
    Hector Camacho
    Roberto Duran
    Marvin Hagler
    Thomas Hearns

10. What featherweight, known as 'El Terrible,' won the WBC championship in February of 2001, and as of November 2001 is undefeated with 41 bouts?
    Injun Chi
    Marco Antonio Barrerra
    Guty Espedas
    Erik Morales

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